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gmp / Refund My Money

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-710-2564

I agreed to a free trial of a GMP product, but was not aware of any future charges at the time. My credit card was billed soon after. When I tried calling the phone number listed on my credit card statement I was connected to a man who hung up on me promptly after I asked about the charge and requested a refund. I tried to call that same number four more times soon after the hangup--each time the phone just rang and rang.

Since my phone call to GMP I have received charges to my credit card. I very clearly stated on the phone my wish to have my money refunded and the cancellation of this so-called product ( which I have no idea what it is). I live in Michigan, and will gladly be contacting my Attorney General's office about this "company" since Michigan is very good about going after frauds/scams and prosecuting.

Sandra Carlson
Hardwood, MI

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  • Mh
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    gmp - Unauthorized Charge
    United States

    1. GMP 800 710 256400 of 00800-4876803 US DATE030209 906222400000 7375
    For the amount of $7.95.

    2. WWWMYGRANTSITENET00 0f 00800-4877085 US DATE022409 905625400002 7375
    For the amount of $39.95

  • Ms
      18th of Mar, 2009
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    Appearently, you don't say it clear enough if so many people are being scammed!!!

  • Sa
      29th of Apr, 2009
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    gmp - REFUND

    I want my refund back of $39.95 on 28.04.2009

    The details are: GMP 800 710 2500 of 00 800-4876803, NV ## 0409

    Please cancel these 2 names on my credit card: &, I want these to be delete permanantly. took $9.95 US dollar from me on 14.04.2009, 800-4189320 UT ##0409 (with A$ 14.11 been taken out) took $7.95 US dollar from me on 6.04.2009, of 00 800-4877085 NV ##0409 (with A$11.25 been taken out)

    I want my REFUND NOW!

  • Iw
      26th of Sep, 2009
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    I ordered CD for $1.00. They have been charging my account $39.95 every month for 7 months. Each month the charge showed up under a different name. When I realized what was going on I called the number attached to the charge. I spent over an hour trying to explain to these idiots that I never signed up for a website and surely did not agree to a $39.95. They reluctantly agreed to refund one month. Saying that by agreeing to purchase the CD I was also agreeing to all of the "fine print" which included a "free" 7 day trial for a website. Since the "free" trial was not cancelled within 7 days I "agreed" to allow them to charge my account for $39.95 per month. I told them that I felt that their business practice was misleading and fraudulent. I demanded full refund for all 7 months and they transfered me to someone else who agreed to give me not one but two months refund. Again I demanded full refund. And they transferred me to someone else and so on... After over two hours of hassle and threatening to complain to the legal department of my bank. they agreed to a full refund.

    About a week later I received 2 refunds of $39.95, but did not receive the other 5 refunds. After another week of not receiving the remaining refunds, I called back again, waited 3o minutes for someone to answer and demanded the remaining $199.75 for the 5 months owed. They said it was "in process" . I again threated to file a complaint with my bank. They have assured me that the refund will be processed within the next week. I'm not gonna hold my breath. In my humble opinion this is a total scam. They lure people in with the $1.00 CD and conceal very discreetly all the "terms and conditions". Then when they bill you it's always under a different name. The only way I caught it was that I kept seeing a charge every month for exactly $39.95 from different vendors. If would have not went through my account history to find out a date for a transaction I had made months earlier, I would have never found out they were billing be monthly. I would no doubt still be being charged for something I did not agree to, at least not Willingly. I hope this helps someone out there :)

    I also received charges of $7.95 and $9.95 from these people. I'm doing a thorough search to see what else I can find.

    Charges appeared under these names:


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