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After finding a very low mileage 2018 GMC Canyon at Bannister GMC in Kelowna British Columbia, and agreeing to a purchase price, I was asked to provide a deposit to hold the truck until my arrival. I willingly gave the sales person Alex Adams a credit card number and agreed to a 1000$ deposit on the card on Oct 24 2018. The used sales dept sent me a form to fill out to describe a trade in, so they could put a trade value in deal. The purchase price was agreed upon, but how much IF ANY trade was going to be included, was to be face to face upon my arrival at the agreed upon time. I was not committed 100% to trading my truck as I knew the value of trade was extremely low and was going to pay cash for the truck that I had put a deposit on, and sell my truck privately.
After texting sales rep Alex, we agreed to meet Saturday Oct 27 before noon, and his response was "sounds great".
I had already waited 1 week for a another customer to remove a deposit after not purchasing the same truck, and felt very confident that I would be given the same courtesy.
I received a voice mail from a manager approx 18 hrs before my arrival that they were removing my deposit as I hadn't agreed to a trade value, and were releasing the truck back to the sales dept. Feeling very suspicious about the voice mail I immediately contacted the sales rep and was informed that not only had they removed my deposit, but actually had sold the truck earlier in the day without contacting me.
I believe the sales practices at this dealership were extremely deceitful and did not live up to even the lowest standard of customer service.

Dec 01, 2018

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