GMC Acadia 2008 / Transmission Failures

3/2011 at 75K miles I had my transmission completely fail, lost power, car was towed to closest GM dealer in San Antonio, Tom Benson Chevrolet. Car was repaired under GM warranty, and when I got the car back it wasnt complete, the drive shaft was barely hanging on by one bolt. Local GMC dealer put the car back together and it seemed fine.
11/2012 transmission is failed again. GM refusing to cover it because it is out of warranty now, BUT GM is saying they will pay for half of new transmission if replaced. The transmission was totalled last year and it should have been replaced last year, while under warranty. Now that it is failing again, they want me to pay for it, with 2000. I do not have.
Faulty workmanship by Tom Benson Chevrolet, and also faulty warranty coverage by GM due to the fact they should have replaced the transmission with the total failure, not tried to repair.

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