GMB logistics / not my things

1 318 e 13 st, Miami, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 7863440717

Hello my name is ruben motto and february 19 del 2011 send my stuff from miami to buenos aires by this same company logistics and never appeared gmb my things always telling me lied retubo q customs and then the time no one answered me more, I will report it to the customer service of miami dade and took my case but also could do anything and then moved my case to washington and tried to mediate also there but I could not do anything I acknowledge all reports and i'm looking for an attorney but who do not get handle my case, the truth is I have the big q indignation these scammers (gustavo brion and his wife) unfortunately i'm with hands tied for that I want to publish this to anyone else q drop in his hands... If someone wants to communicate with me my email is [protected]

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