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Gmac Homecomings / they just want to take clients into a foreclosure

1 FL, United States

I have a morgage with Gmac or Homecomings since 2005 in the last 6 months my morgage was increased in more than 1000 dollars i tried to talk to them but their answer is that i should go into a foreclosure before this i tried to refinance but they did not want to doit of course they will lower the payment and that is not a good business for them they already receive more money with my old payment. In addition they just keep increasing my morgage in 200 dollars every 3 or 4 months and besides they charge between 200 to 300 dollars lates fees if i can pay before the 15th of every month my morgage went from 1800 to a 2900 plus late fees is 3000 to 3100. I been calling them for the last 6 months asking for a solution they tell me that my loan will be send to a review but every time that I call again they said that it was never send to a review and that they will do it again. Is being sent to a review nearly 4 times but something happend in the midle and it never get to be review and next month they just appologize like that will help me. las 2 o3 calls they just let me waiting on the line for an 1 or more just letting me there to see if i hang up. They just dont care, they keep increasing my morgage payment and they will make me go into a forclosure.
Today i call because i heard the president on the news talking about these morgages that fluctuate and how they have to get freeze by the morgages companies, and for this reason i call again Gmac or Homecomings, again they said that my loan never was review for no reason and that they will sent it again (with the same history of last 6 months) I ask about the government policy and the person that talk to me said that they dont have to help or do what the goverment is saying because they are independent and the answer was that she can thansfer me to the forclosure department. I guess that what they want to do to be able to get their insurance policy over my morgage and recupetheir money in full plus what i been paying for the last 3 years. I need somebody to help me because I know that I am not the only one that is in the same situation and at the end I am going to lose my home .

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