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GM Silverado / 4x4 Unit

1 WV, United States

I purchased a 2008 Silverado Gas Engine Crew Cab November 15th 2008. This truck was a replacement of my 2007 Avalanche LT that was stolen. I used to be such a loyal GM fan. I think that my next truck will be a Toyota or Nissan. 2nd purchase from this dealer, 1st was used, the last one was new.

The Silverado had 10 miles on it when I drove it off the lot and it ran great.

A few weeks later I thought that I got some bad gas cause it seemed that the truck hesitated often. But around the same time, the Service 4x4 light kept coming on in the information screen. The first time taking it to the lot to have it looked at and for the courtesy detailing, I was told that they didn't see the light and could not get it to come back on. They also didn't do the detailing. I got the strong feeling that I was being called a lier. Anyway, a few DAYS later, the light came on again so I took out my phone and took pictures. I took it back in, with the printed pictures and handed them to the guy that I talked to before, told him now, call me a lier. They put it in the shop, then to no surprise they found a POO sensor issue. Sounds like hogwash to me. Anyway, they said that they would order it but after 4 weeks or so, I called them and of course, no record they needed to order it. They called me back and said the part would be there in a week. In the meantime, the 4x4 indicator light showed that the 4x4 unit was kicking in and out. At the same times that the power seemed to go away, me thinking bad gas, the light would show 4x4 engaged and then gradually pull or hard pull to the left or right.

Now, my truck is in the body shop getting $12000 in damage repaired because I let me wife drive it to Dutch #@!@#@ after some errands. She was driving it down the hill where I work, one tire went off the road into gravel then she corrected it. Then immediately after back on the road she said it pulled semi hard to the right causing it to go back into the gravel and it to dive into a deep ditch.
Not sure if it were the 4x4 unit or the Anti Slip stuff, but something is wrong with this truck off the lot.

Additional details: I took my truck to have the regular oil change done a few days before the accident, AWAY FROM THE DEALER. Anyway, they called me several times to tell me stuff. They called to tell me that my oil was coal black, burnt. 3 month old truck had oil that looked like it was from a hard driven car that had not had an oil change for a year. They said that the transmission fluid was low, again, less then 3 /4 month old vehicle. Last, they said that the fluid in the the transfer case looked like milk. Not the standard darker fluid, but white milk.

How could they sell a truck in this condition? Was it the fault of Dutch or of GM? I would say both had a large hand in it. Dutch for not checking it out and GM for not standing behind their product or making the dealers accountable. I did call their customer service line and got someone I could not understand, and since after explaining the entire issue to him, he talked about stuff totally unrelated, it was obvious that he did not understand me either. So much for complaining. I guess GM can be rated the best as long as they don't have people that will not enter complaints correctly.

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