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GM Hummer H3 / Terrible customer treatment

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I purchased my Hummer H3 exactly 1 year ago. 6,000 miles into ownership and while on a long trip - I encountered the head/cylinder replacement issue which has become very prevalent in a certain vin number range in the 2006 H3's. Dealer had it for a week and replaced the head. I discovered while researching the issue that this was very widespread. I also discovered in reading Hummer forums, that GM was issuing extended warranties to those who had encountered the head replacement problem.

I contacted GM and was told that I would be given a 7 yr/100,000 mile extended warranty on all engine and drivetrain components. After numerous phonecalls to GM, I received the letter 2 months later. The letter did not contain the promised coverage that GM had quoted me telephonically (was only on certain engine components.) To the phones again I went. Meanwhile while I am ironing this out with GM, I see numerous others on the forum are getting various perks added along with their extended warranties (year's worth of oilchanges, another year of OnStar, a couple got bumper to bumper coverages, etc., etc.) I brought this to GM's attention and told them I wanted what everyone else was getting and for us all to be treated fiarly and consistently.

I was then told (almost 4 mos into this now) that I would be given for all my trouble a "GMPP" (basically bumper to bumper) extended warranty and that I would receive it in a couple weeks in the mail. 1 month later I still had not received the letter/paperwork, so again I called GM - I was told "oh sorry, that person had no business telling you that we would give that warranty to you - and we will NOT!" Meanwhile they then tell me that my original component letter that I had was NO GOOD either and that I must return the letter to them! I of course refused to return it UNTIL they made good on their promises.

Long story shortened, we have battled this issue for now nearly 6 months and as of 2 weeks ago they promised me in writing this time via email a specific extended warranty coverage offer IF I would return my letter to my Service Manager - for which I did in good faith since I now had a very specific written offer of resolve from GM. I would also add that I discussed the fact with my Service Manager my fears of relinguishing the letter and what all they had done to me in the previous 5 months. His response was, "Oh I would never let this happen to you - we are here for YOU!"

Today I get a call from GM informing me that they are not giving me anything and are closing my file as a "dissatisfied customer!" (Now that they have my original letter!) Of course I was very irate as well as in total shock that they would do this to me after making promises in writing. They offered me no excuses or reasons as to why they were renigging. Guess what my Service Manager's response was today after I called him? "Oh gee sorry and nothing I can do!"

I have seen numerous other H3 owners with the head replacement get extended warranties, so why would GM treat me in this manner? I am just in total disbelief that GM would lie over and over again and pull such a scam to get me to return my letter (which I was told was no good anyway) and then break promises - not once but on 3 separate occasions. As far as I am concerned this is total lack of regard for we customers who helped make this H3 the HUGE success that it became in purchasing it in it's 1st production year (something I have always refused to do in the past!) My family and I have been long time GM customers (Cadillac) and as far as I am concerned, GM just lost all credibility with me! We will never own a GM product again with this kind of treatment!

Sarah H
South Florida


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