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I have booked a Cheverlet _Beat LT (O) (Green colour) on 27-10-2010 at A.R.A.S Pvt. Ltd., Tirunelveli with promised to make delivery the car within a month. I was told the vehicle will be delivered in the second week Feb. 2010.
When I enquired in the first week of March 2010, I was told another date after two weeks. Again I was given several other delivery dates like Monday, Thursday and so on. Since there was no proper reply, with great difficulty, I got the mobile number of a Senior Sales Manager of GM. I called him on [protected], and he has made some arrangements regarding invoice registration on [protected]. He also promised me the vehicle will be delivered within a week and also
asked me check with the local Dealer at Tirunelveli.

When I made an enquiry with local dealer, the sales man of Cheverlet beat told me the vehicle will reach Tirunelveli on Friday and it will be delivered on Monday(19-04-2010) only if I pay the Demand Draft for Rs. 5, 03, 300/-. I approached the bank and received a Demand Draft for Rs. 5, 03, 300/- and paid on 15-04-2010 in addition to the advance amount Rs. 25, 000/- The sales man said the deposit amount RS. 25, 000/) will be paid only after delivered the vehicle. On 20-04-2010 when I asked the sales man about the vehicle, I was
told the vehicle will be delivered only after 10 or 15 days, since it
has not been loaded in a TRUCK at the factory.

Therefore I come to know that I was totally cheated by our local ARAS Motors Pvt. Ltd people. My family members were anxiously waiting for the new car. I think I am thoroughly and totally cheated by Dealer A.R.A.S Motors Pvt. Ltd, Tirunelveli.
I think instead of booking and paid whole money for the vehicle, I would
have selected some other agency in Tamil Nadu or I would have selected some other car., other than Cheverlet Beat

With regards,
T.R. Rajasekaran


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