GM CARD / Beware, fee scam

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I paid off my wife's high interest card with one of the checks sent to me by the GM Card.

The fine print states that there will be a 3% fee on the transfer amount with a $15 minimum and a $35 maximum.

I did a transfer for $1, 800. But I was charged $54 fee.

That is 3% of $1, 800, not the promised $35 maximum.

I called customer support and after several "Please wait on holds" from the representative, I was finally told, "It's 3% on the total transfer and there is nothing she can do".

She would not even acknowledge -- and even denied -- the $15 minimum and $35 maximum as stated in their own contract written in fine print.

I have several examples that can be published.

Do not transfer large amounts or you will be charged 3% on that whole amount no matter what the fine print says!


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