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Palo Alto, CA, United States
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I was new to this site, but it looked pretty nice, so I decider to order something. Well, I purchased a phone for $300. Prices there are extremely huge. My phone was the cheapest one. I wanted my new phone to be simple and quick. I didn't need things like games, photo editors and etc. So, I made an order and received it after a month. First of all, the company consists of private sellers, so it is impossible to find out who you are buying a phone from. So, I received my order and when I opened the package I noticed that my phone was in terrible condition. But one the website it was written that phone is absolutely new and in excellent condition. The phones screen was damaged and had a huge scratch on it. When turned it on, I realized that the screen did not respond to my touch. The returning process was awful as well. They promised a refund, but it took forever. I'm very disappointed about the quality, but their customer service is quite good.

Dec 11, 2015

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