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I read through the policies and it just doesn't make sense, it's stupid and shady. They charge the buyer say $3.75 shipping + $cost of the game/item. But for the seller they take out the usual selling fees PLUS a mailer fee of say $1.75 all from the cost of your game/item (this is not including the original shipping cost they charged the buyer already. as the seller you get none of that since glyde "graciously" sends you a self addressed mailer that they charged the buyer AND apparently the seller.)

It makes absolutely no sense to take out MAILING fees from the product you are selling. That should have been handled and included in the shipping and handling costs that were ALREADY CHARGED. The only time a seller should be charged shipping on their product is if shipping cost was free, then logically you'd HAVE to deduct it from your total earnings to ship. If shipping was charged there should be no reason. This practice is disgusting. I'm sticking to ebay/amazon/ and shipping my own items. I don't need your stupid, unsecure, shady mailers. At least when I ship my own items I can I can prove to people who give a damn (like Paypal) that items have been shipped out safely you crooks.

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  • Ke
      24th of Apr, 2012

    Hi 'Lisitere'. This is Kevin from Glyde's Customer Service Department and I'm really sorry to hear you feel this way. There are certainly other sites out there for selling and buying video games, but I invite you to at least give Glyde shot as a seller or a buyer, if you haven't already. I think you'll find the listing process exceptionally smooth and easy and the prices are tough to beat.

    At Glyde we've always believed that selling and buying something on the Internet should be remarkably easy, always safe, and definitely economically sound.

    Listing a video game or DVD for sale on Glyde takes just about 10 seconds. Phones, tablets, e-readers, and iPods take only a few seconds more. Plus, having the pre-addressed and postage-paid shipping envelope or box sent to directly to the seller saves a trip to the store and to the Post Office. Just place the item inside, seal it up, and drop it in a blue bin or even give it back to your mail delivery person. I should also note that listing an item for sale is completely free and the transaction fee is only applied when the item sells.

    As a buyer, you'll find some of the best deals anywhere on video games, DVDs, and handheld consumer electronics, like the iPhone and Amazon Kindle. It is true that the buyer pays for the cost of shipping, but we do not mark-up that cost or take a cut of it. It is the true cost of postage required to send the shipping envelope to the seller and for the seller to ship the item to the buyer.

    Lastly, every transaction on Glyde comes with complementary insurance protection. And if there ever is an issue with your purchase or sale, we have Customer Service Department that is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping you out.

    I sincerely hope you reconsider and give it a go!

    Glyde Customer Service

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  • Bu
      10th of Aug, 2015

    I hope you didn't buy Kevin's bs, they're just scammers. probably used to be a good place to buy and sell, but now it's a glorified CC stealing website. I tried to buy a game on the 6th of August and then 2 days later they texted me asking me to verify the order details (pretty odd reminder of phishing emails), after which I checked my email but nothing was there. Nothing in spam. So they didn't send me an email. I sent a text reply to them asking them to resend or call me, to which they said they have no public-facing phone numbers. Again, very fishy. So I waited until today, when I send them an email asking for an update or if I should just cancel my order and look elsewhere (5 days later there was still no status change on my order). They did not reply, but they promptly suspended my Glyde account. Now I can't access anything in my account - order details, payment info, name and email, address, nothing. In short, they have my CC info - had to call my bank and report it stolen to avoid drama, and my name and email. Every basic ingredient to an identity theft :) Therefore, my take on this would be: FIND YOURSELF ANOTHER SITE, because is just there to collect your personally identifiable information, alongside your payment information, and then they lock you out of your account so you can't remove it, or close it. They do not respond to emails, and they do not have a phone number you can call. It's a fraud.

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