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When I first found out about Glyde I thought it was a great way to buy a used cell phone. I want 3 T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 phones and until now I have bought 6 phones but have gotten only 2. For one the seller sent a Canadian phone. For two the sellers received the shipping kit but never mailed the phone so the transaction was cancelled. I just bought the 6th one so hopefully nothing will go wrong.

Glyde says that "Almost all transactions on Glyde go smoothly and we apologize that you may have had a frustrating experience this time" and "Unfulfilled sales are rare and the vast majority of sellers on Glyde are timely and reliable. We are confident that your next transaction will be successful".

I really doubt that I am that unlucky that 3 out of 5 transactions did not go through. They need to do more to make sure that the sellers will do the right thing e.g. by taking their credit card and charging them a fee if they don't send the phone.

Feb 3, 2015
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      10th of Aug, 2015

    Sorry bro, but is now just a scamming site. probably used to be a good place to buy and sell, but now it's a glorified CC stealing website. I tried to buy a game on the 6th of August and then 2 days later they texted me asking me to verify the order details (pretty odd reminder of phishing emails), after which I checked my email but nothing was there. Nothing in spam. So they didn't send me an email. I sent a text reply to them asking them to resend or call me, to which they said they have no public-facing phone numbers. Again, very fishy. So I waited until today, when I send them an email asking for an update or if I should just cancel my order and look elsewhere (5 days later there was still no status change on my order). They did not reply, but they promptly suspended my Glyde account. Now I can't access anything in my account - order details, payment info, name and email, address, nothing. In short, they have my CC info - had to call my bank and report it stolen to avoid drama, and my name and email. Every basic ingredient to an identity theft :) Therefore, my take on this would be: FIND YOURSELF ANOTHER SITE, because is just there to collect your personally identifiable information, alongside your payment information, and then they lock you out of your account so you can't remove it, or close it. They do not respond to emails, and they do not have a phone number you can call. It's a fraud.

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