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The Glucosulin promo that they are advertising on TV for a 30 day trial is a fraud. If you have been scammed by them, please contact a agency that deals in that type of fraud. It's disgusting how companies play on individual's emotions and health issues to try and extract money. It's just down right disgusting.

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  • Na
      Oct 28, 2011

    on October 21 2011 I called a order the product to try for a 30 day trial the salesperson told me about the product and ask me some questions about how concern I was about my blood sugars and managing my weight and telling me that the product would do everything I needed then he started quoting all this different prices on different deals for the future after the 30 day trial but for the first shipment my card would only be change 11.80 for shipping and handling .he also started telling me about deals with all this other companies and signing me up saying they were 30 day trials and that if I didn't like I could go back an cancel within 30 from receiving the information . On October 24, 2011 I check my account I had been changed a 111.76 for the Glucosulin and some other changes from the other companies .When I called customer services I was told that I had agree to a deal of buy 2 bottles and receive one free and that for this deal U pay up front and when I called the other companies about the charges my information was not even in their system yet that it would be 7 to 10 business days before their system updated that I would to call back to cancel Glucosulin customer service also told me that they would review the tape of the conversion to see what was agreed-ed upon but it would be 7 to 10 business days before they could do that then they would get back to me but it did not take that long to take my money and according to a notices that comes with the product after getting authorization to return the product it will take two weeks to process the product and 30 days for refund but it only took me 2 business days to take my money before I got my product

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  • He
      Mar 08, 2012

    I ordered Glucosulin over the internet, but my computer froze up, so I wasn't sure if the order went through. So I called the number and spoke to one of their representatives. I told the person that I had just tried to place an order over the internet, he told me that only one order would be entered. So, I placed the order that same day. Well, I checked my bank statement and I found 2 charges on my statement for Glucosulin for $107.46 TWICE plus 2 shipping charges of $11.80. I only received one package with 3 bottles. I tried to correct it. They are the rudest persons. They would not remove the second charge of $107.46 & s/h of $11.80. DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT IT DOESN'T WORK ANYWAY. PLEASE DON'T PURCHASE -- YOU'RE WASTING YOUR MONEY.

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  • Ni
      Mar 09, 2012

    I ordered Glucosulin over the phone and the guy I spoke with was rude as well. I almost didn't place the order with him. He kept trying to retrieve my credit card info as if I told him that I was 100% sure I wanted the product. I called right back to cancel order and guess what?? They gave me another 800 number to call. When I get my order I'm going to simply return the order. I really don't appreciate the way I was treated.

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  • Ca
      Apr 19, 2012

    funny how one person says its a fraud and doesn't give any details. ANYONE can call ANYTHING a fraud. Doesn't mean it is. Lots of intellgent people use glucosulin and keep on getting it. They were smart enough to know what a free trial really is and they paid attention to the terms as they were explained to them. Also, lots of people try it and realize it doesn't work for them but they were smart enought to know how to cancel without blaming the company for their mistake of not calling or not properly canceliing within the proper allotted time period.

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