Gloria St Clarescam via business opportunity

Gloria St Clare AKA http://resorts360/luxurylifestyles/ and other mega scams is a scam artist, she has conned her way through a massive number of people in her home town QLD, and in fact wreaked havoc thro out Australia. In a list of 360 people she ripped off 3 people have made money (all under $1500) Gloria St Clare should read scammer, scammer, scammer!

She brands herself as an astute business woman but you can’t locate her anywhere – hummm... her only known details area po box in Coolum beach, QLD, AUSTRALIA...need we say more!
She changes her business name frequently (humm)... and the only picture of her was taken at least 20 years ago – she is close to 60 years of age now.
This is her latest email; [protected]

People be ware Gloria St Clare, of Coolum Beach Qld is a world class con artists. When dealing with her hold onto your wallet tightly, and if you shake hands with this scam artist count your fingers afterwards in case you are missing a couple
You have been warned!

Feb 16, 2015

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