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randburg, Sri Lanka
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False advertising for ship cruise. I took out a contract with glocell only for the ship cruise advertised for four people. Once I received my package before I opened it I called glocell to confirm my ship cruise and they told me once I activate my devise I will receive my voucher code, needless to say I phoned in three times for the voucher code, when I wanted to book I was told I could only book from the 1st november 2016 which I did, I received booking form with dates and emailed it off, I received a mail that said confirmation will be sent within 10 days, after numerous emails to shiela nankavis (the executive) no return emails left over 10 messages for her to call me she couldn't be bothered, then I spoke to bronwyn bevan ceo"s secretary same response absolutely nothing, received an email to say they will give me r8000.00 airtime I don't even use the contract that was not the deal, most useless company that I have ever dealt with, false advertising at it's best, if you have a promotion and you sell 1000 cell packages and you can only accommodate 1000 people don't be greedy and have the rest of us for fools meet your commitments. Ceo"s secretary says use the r200.00 per month that glocell give me and pay for a cruise myself... What do you say about that absolutely disgusting.

Feb 2, 2017

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