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This is easily one of the WORST companies I had to deal with; here's the story: I purchased a roundtrip ticket through these guys back last summer and I got my eticket fine, I got to the airport about an hour and a half before the flight (it was international so you need to be at the airport at least an hour ahead) and the guy at the ticket counter told me that they were fully booked and that I had to take the next flight. So I spent over 6 hours negotiating to get on the next flight, but there was this "issue" with my ticket being bought through a "consolidator" so I have to call the Globester customer service in order for me to reuse my ticket. Needless to say, I tried calling globester (it was a friday afternoon around 3 pm) and I couldnt get ahold of them, I left TONS of messages, no one answered my call. I stayed at the airport until 11 pm that night trying to get the airline to put me on the next flight, but it was in vain... I took a hotel that night (which cost me over 200 bucks)and later the following morning I got a phone call from globester, with MORE HORRIBLE news. By the way, everytime they called me, there was some baby background noise, it's like the guy is running his company while he's babysitting... anyhow, More bad news from their customer service as they said that I would need to pay $400 (plus any price difference) in order to get a new ticket (ticket price originally was $1200) so as stressed out as I was, I was ready to pay that amount just to catch a new flight... the issue is, there were NO flights for another week... so I had to go back home and wait for globester to find me a new flight. They found one, but they said it was gonna cost $2500, Just OUTRAGEOUS!! I told them there's no way I could pay that, so I did another search and found better prices through other companies, which I purchased, so I called Globester back and told them to either refund (some of the price) or rebook it for the next year, that way I won't lose it... they gave me the SAME answers: I cant get a refund (Ok I got that...) but they said I could rebook it, however their consolidator doesn't have ANY tickets for next year (Wow what a flight business company) so they, again, told me that it would still cost $400 bucks just to change the ticket to next year's, and here's the funny part, if the new ticket is more expensive, i will pay the difference as well, if it isn't then just the $400 bucks would do haha... What a company... So I'm like okay... I went on my trip on that new ticket i bought from the other company, and I was STILL in contact with globester (AKA background baby noise customer service) just to make sure they don't shaft me... still same excuse "consolidator has no tickets yet"... Okay, no worries, I come back from my vacation, I call them about 2 months later and sent them emails, the guy takes literally TWO MONTHS, to email me back, and guess what he said (of course nothing good) "Well the airline changed your status to a "no show") I was like "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" I have been emailing you for TWO MONTHS, and I have been checking on you like you were my girlfriend, just so you can give me news like this?!?!?! Needless to say, I told them that if I were to lose my money, EVERYBODY will know about it. Especially in these tough economic times where EVERY dollar counts. I read the previous story posted by another customer and I TOTALLY understand and feel his pain especially since his ticket was more expensive than mine. Anyhow, If you plan on making an airfare purchase, AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS, and whichever company you deal with, BE VERY CAREFUL. Thank you.

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  • Gl
      Aug 22, 2009

    So here is the REAL story:

    Mr. T complains about poor customer service. He booked a ticket from an e-mail which bounced. We called him and found the correct e-mail. We have spent countless hours right since the minute he was a No-show on the flight trying to help him. We have taken his calls after office hours to help him best of our ability. After all the help, it is unfortunate that he posts a mail like this on the Internet. Mr. T missed the Flight and airline showed him as NO SHOW on the flight, which means he reached there when flight had left. He wanted us to put on the next flight, which of course was much higher. We told him that the ticket is not refundable (which he knew) and he can use the money towards a new flight with penalty (as per the fare rules). We also told him that it must be done shortly as if not done in time, airline can remove it from the system since it was a No Show and we can not do much. We have informed Mr. T every step of the way of the rules. But what he wants is for company to pay for him missing the flight. Below is what we told Mr. T in Aug-2008. He is now again requesting to change the date and of course airline changed the status and not much we can do. We understand Mr. T’s frustration but we have done every thing by the book.

    We provided the ticket as we promised. We have spent hours helping him.

    We have served over thousands of customers since we launched Globester in 2004. We are not perfect but we try our best to help our customers.

    From: Globester Customer Service [mailto:[protected]]

    Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 10:48 AM
    To: 'T’

    Importance: High

    Dear T,

    You purchased a negotiated fare, which is cheaper as it has restrictions. To avoid any such issues, we actually tell on Purchase page as well as in the e-mail which is sent right after the booking is made that the tickets are non-refundable. As now mentioned to you a few times, that you can change the dates and for which we are trying to help as much as we can.

    On your ticket, airline has posted a No-Show. Why airline did not let you board has nothing to do from us.

    Now for the No-Show, airline can any time change the status. If that happens; you will loose all the money. To avoid that you should change the tickets at the earliest and re-issue tickets for future travel dates.

    Negotiated fares restrict you to travel on certain class, for which airline has fares out only up to March 31. So we can not make a booking or re-issue a ticket for this fare after March 31.

    Fares after March will come out in Aug/Sep time frame but by then you will loose the ticket if a new ticket is not issued. So we will advise you to pick a date before March 31st and use the tickets by then.

    As from our perspective, we have followed up on things more than it is required from our end. We sold a valid ticket. We also mentioned that ticket is non-cancelable.

    We surely understand your personal situation. We also do not have any choice on Airline rules and operations. Again, from our perspective we have done every thing by the book and open to help you under the rules of the ticket.

    Please let us know if there are dates before March 31st, you would like to travel and we can check availability and tell you penalties and fare difference. Lastly, if the status on the ticket is changed, we will not be able to change the dates and you will loose all the money.

    Globester Support

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  • No
      Aug 25, 2009

    The people at globester are RUDE! They act like they do not screw up! They do!!! They cause people to stop their credit cards so they will quit taking money out of your account and even more, they are hard to get ahold of and when you do contact them by phone, they yell at you and speak horrible english. DO NOT use globester! they have no customer service skills and will cause you horrible stress. Pay more for a ticket from another agency than risk these people taking money from you for no reason!

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  • Ct
      Dec 05, 2009

    I am currently dealing with horrendous issues with Globester as well. THIS COMPANY IS A BIG SCAM!!! DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM!!! THE WORST COMPANY I'VE EVER DEALT WITH, WORST THAN ENRON!!!

    I booked a flight online using my credit card for $2472.74, only to receive an email the next day stating that because the airline is not accepting credit cards they need to charge a 4% fee. I've attached the email below. The airline is Air Pacific, and I called them myself and they stated that they do accept credit cards. To make matters worst I contacted my credit card company and a charge of $2643.42 was being charged to my account. It is A NIGHTMARE! This was suppose to be my honeymoon and they have completely ruined it.

    My representative was Guarev A. and instead of being apologetic, he hung up on me, and kept saying, "Ma'am what am I suppose to do?" What he is suppose to do is NOT swindle the customers. He told me the only way to avoid the 4% fee is to send him a cashier's check. Who ever heard of sending a cashier's check to an online company?

    Now I have to pay an extra fee to my credit card company and dispute these charges.

    from Globester Support <[protected]>

    cc [protected]
    date Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 2:36 PM
    subject FW: FW: Booking Status from Globester Travel: LAX - NAN YR53LO ( NEGOTIATED FARE )

    hide details 2:36 PM (5 hours ago)

    Dear Claire,

    Thank you for your email, we would like to inform you that we have not charge your card so, please recheck with your bank. As the airlines is not accepting the credit card so, there would be a 4% fee to charge your card in our Globester Account that we can issue your ticket or you can send us the cashier check fin the amount of $ 2472.34 on the mentioned below address:-


    4222 KING ST.



    If you have any other question so, please call us on [protected].


    Gaurav A

    Globester Support


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  • Ku
      Feb 17, 2010

    I'm one of your customer . i bought a ticket on line from globester on Dec.14.09 which had a two way flight scheduled to Jan.10.10

    from Denver(Co.) to New York then Geneve(Switzerland) inaddition to returned back on Feb.09.10 from Genve(Switzerland) to

    another Swiss city(Zurich) after that to Chicago(O'Haere) & atlast to Denver .after i made my first trip from Denver to New York.

    i had to take another one from New York (JFK) to Geneve.the flight was under Swiss Air Lines .meanwhile they told me don't have

    an agreement to use Mid-West Ticket unless my flight would be cancelled .after i tried to got you on phone but nobody wasn't there.

    incase of a prblem in my family live in Swiss i had to made an action so that i bought a ticket .now i need my refund money from

    NewYork to Geneve & from Geneve(Switzerland) - Zurich(Switzerland) then to Chicago atlast Denver.

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  • Ku
      Feb 19, 2010

    This is Daniel, one of your customer who bought a plane ticket from Denver to Geneva via New York. My flight was on January 10, 2010. My first leg of flight was on Frontier airlines from Denver to New York. when i get to New York, Swiss Airlines denied my boarding pass saying that they don't have any agreement of code sharing and passenger transfer.
    This incident stranded me halfway on my journey so I was forced to buy a a ticket for the remaining flight to Geneva right from the counter. i was extremely disappointed and h emulated but since i didn't have any choice, I was forced to buy a ticket from the counter that coasted me almost a $1000.
    To my understanding, your negligence and poor service coasted my time, money and energy and exposed me to expenses that i am not ready for. The feed back i got from the local BBB is that this mistake and negligence is ridicules and intolerable.
    I contacted your office through telephone and e-mail few times in the past to get my refund back with the fullest and what i was told is that your office will re-reimburse me a new ticket for my next journey.
    The fact is that i already made a huge mistake in choosing you as my travel agent that ruined my whole vacation. i will never consider your business to plan for any trip anymore.
    All I need now is to get my money back, not another plane ticket. The faster the better, or i will take the case to the next level.
    thank you.

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  • Tn
      Nov 01, 2011

    Booked a cheap air ticket from them, Globester. They accused airline company sent them an incorrect quote, pumped up my air ticket price by $100 plus transaction fee because I used my credit card on their website. Not just that, they charged even more on my credit card without my permission aka stealing. On my way home, there was an issue with my flight, and all I got was "This is to kindly inform you that you need to talk with the airline directly." ... wow ... big help ... thank you for letting me know that. Globester is a very dishonest company, do not deal with this company for your sake.

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  • Z2
      Jun 01, 2012

    I have used Globester many many times and have not had any problems. I booked our family flights for vacation, my business trips, and just pleasure trips. I have also booked my friends and co workers flights using Globester. And no issues or anything. So I will continue to use them. They are cheaper then others and their rates are fair in my opinion. Most complain they can't reach anyone at certain times...well from what I see your on the east coast, and Globester is based on West coast. Heard of time change people? Also read the whole contract you are agreeing to. Don't just scan over it and then later when it ain't right come back like this. I think the ones scamming are the ones writing the negative revues.
    Globester, your doing an awesome job, keep it up please.
    Thank you, Robert C.

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  • Gl
      Jun 09, 2012

    I bought a ticket only to find it had been cancelled by American Airlines because Globester did not give sufficient information. The representatives were of no help. Unfortunate for them that I 1) have a penchant for filing lawsuits (they did break the law promising one fair price and then saying it would be 4 times the amount to book it when I called back). I told the representative their lawyers can confirm my pencant for filing lawsuits by checking the public record and 2) I am rich. I have three businesses and know a little bit about customer service - a bit more than they do apparently. Also, my time is worth a lot. So if I do not hear from them by next week my lawyers will have a field day. This is all I'm going to write because I got to get tothe airport to buy another ticket. so in summary: THIS COMPANY SUCKS ###! :)

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  • Tr
      Sep 28, 2012

    Thank you all for the information. I was about to book a flight with Globester to save a couple of hundred dollars, but now I WILL NOT! I will also make sure my trip mates know about this. Thank you again!

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  • Co
      Dec 24, 2012

    Oh my God. This tops my list of worst online 'discount' travel companies, along with Orbitz. Just spent the better part of the day attempting to cancel travel reservations due to a death in the family and the representatives were both insensitive and completely unwilling to waive any cancellation fees - even though the airline had waived their fees. Was repeatedly placed on hold and was shuffled from one agent to the next. None of the could speak fluent English; they were Indian and spoke some crap like Hindustani. The irony is that, as we later learned, had we originally booked directly with the airline (Virgin America), the tickets were the same fare offered by Globester and without the $75 booking fee that Globester charges. Buyer beware! Avoid at all costs!

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  • Co
      Dec 24, 2012

    Anyone who likes or frequently uses Globester - The rates are the same as booking directly on the airline's website (this applies to other third-party booking services like Orbitz, Expedia, etc.) and there are a myriad of extra fees. Only book directly with the airline and never use a third-party booking agency!

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  • Co
      Dec 25, 2012

    Anyone who likes Globester or frequently uses their services must lack a brain. This is the worst travel company ever! The agents working there are rude, insensitive, and can't even speak English; they speak some crap like Hindustani.

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  • Ne
      Sep 06, 2013

    I wish I had read these reviews before I had purchased airline tickets. They double charged me & I finally had to have my credit card cancelled & the company dispute the charges & go after them for fraud to get any action. I will never EVER use them again. EVER EVER EVER. I still do not have my money back & the tickets I need for my vacation have been cancelled & now I have to pay for them again through the airline, who says they have credited me for all 8 tickets, which should show up in 7-10 days but they made me pay for the new ones today. TOTALLY NOT RIGHT.

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  • Us
      Oct 11, 2013

    P L E A S E >>>>>>>>>>> Stay away from this company!!! They are India based and steal all your credit Card Information .
    This information is later SOLD to some other India based companies for additional scam - related operations.
    Multiple complaints are currently being filed with various US Government Agencies and reporting this "company"'s operational fraud .

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  • Tr
      Nov 27, 2013

    I absolutely agree that this is the worst service ever. I have had the worst experience booking my ticket. Agent basically withhold information to sell this service to me. Never use them. It's a total scam. Terrible terrible terrible, run the other way when you see this company's name.

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  • Ut
      Mar 10, 2014

    This company is an online travel agency and is a scam. The company is ran by bunch of Indians that can not even speak English. They advertised airfare from Hawaiian Airlines for $411 round trip from LA to Honolulu. They tried to masked their deceptive Ad by using words like "based on availability" when customer called. I told them I dont care what date of travel, I just want to book for that fare, they began to change their tune and said such fare no longer available. Watch out for this company or any services that ran by these indian crooks.

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  • Ut
      Mar 10, 2014

    This company is an online travel agency and is a scam.
    The company is ran by bunch of Indians that can not even speak
    English. They advertised airfare from Hawaiian Airlines for $411 round
    trip from LA to Honolulu. They tried to masked their deceptive Ad by
    using words like "based on availability" when customer called. I told
    them I dont
    care what date of travel, I just want to book for that fare, they began
    to change their tune and said such fare no longer available. Watch out
    for this company or any services that ran by these indian crooks.

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  • Sm
      Aug 19, 2016
    Globester - Very displeased and will never use them again for anything
    United States

    This company is awful...they continue to take and additional $1 out of my account daily for whatever reason...i will report them to the BBB and try and get this resolved...I entered my address and phone number and when i printed my itenerary it had another address and phone number, they said they changed it and then i received an email stating it could not be changed...I had to purchase a specific seat because they don't give you an option to select a seat...they have taken an additional $30.75 out of my account...very displeased and will never use them again for anything.

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