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Globespan / Poor customer service!

1 United Kingdom Review updated:

My wife and I flew on Globespan's inaugural Glasgow-Calgary run in May of this year (2007). The flight was delayed by over 24 hours. A nuisance, but not terrible. The fight itself was fine but their customer service since then has been abysmal. I have spent five months trying to get a simple letter from then confirming that my flight was delayed so that I can process my flight insurance and make a claim.

I have spoken to half a dozen individuals, each of whom has promised to pass on my details to someone relevant. I have since countless e-mails via their web site and also to their direct customer service e-mail address, all to no avail. I've spoken to people in their Vancouver office and have tried phoning long-distance to Glasgow, only to sit on hold and have to give up before reaching a real human.

I can understand one representative failing to do their job. However, there is simply no excuse for such a lengthy catalog of nonexistent service. I am now to the point of e-mailing them daily, but still have not heard anything from anyone.

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  • Jo
      11th of Nov, 2007
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    Watch WATCHDOG on BBc1 on Wednesday night@8pm. They are voicing complaints about Flyglobespan.

  • Jo
      20th of Nov, 2007
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    Yabadabadoo---A carrier pigeon from Globespans fleet landed in my garden. He carried Globespans bog standard reply to my complaint of early October.

    They are still hiding behind their "Terms&Conditions", which roughly translated means, If you give me your money, I will take you on my aircraft, to a place ,and at a time, best suited to achieving maximum profits to our shareholders.
    Customer Service:- Mmm, we don't keep a dictionary in the office!
    On a serious note, It's a complete waste of time trying to make your complaints known to Globespan's Gaffer, Tom Dalrymple. They are routed to a team who occasionally send out these "Robotic" letters.

    Either TD is too busy sorting the companies present mess or he doesn't give a s---.

    Any gamblers out there? I bet that if Flyglobespan survives in business for another couple of years or so, some a--h--- will nominate TD for an Honor !!!!

  • Jo
      20th of Nov, 2007
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    My Fred forgot to mention that we have booked our next flight with another airline.

    But let's be fair to Globespan. OK, their trading methods need total reconstruction, especially the lack of a responsive customer email system. But it's easy to see why they get away with what they do.

    For the many people who live in East Scotland, no other carrier can give direct flights to many destinations from Edinburgh (supposedly our CAPITAL city). TD has little competition to Majorca. (try booking on internet--routes,journey times&prices.) He flies to many destinations impossible to reach from Edinburgh. His unfortunate foray into the Big Pond market was that he saw substantial gaps in the market, but tried to fill these gaps without fully experienced staff & equipment.
    His competitors are as much to blame for many of our complaints, as if THEY flew from Edinburgh, TD would have to pull his socks up and learn the meaning of CUSTOMER SERVICE. Lack of competition is what's really behind Globespans shortcomings. Whilst we all back stab Globespan, and rightly so, if they fold, pity help us who are so very fortunate to live in East Scotland.

  • Jo
      29th of Nov, 2007
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    News Update:Reply from Trading Standards:- If you have issues about flight delays etc.etc. or wish to claim compensation, these complaints are dealt with by Air Transport Users Council at

    Changes to routes/times etc. are handled by Edinburgh Trading Standards, by
    Mr Brown will be speaking to Globespan shortly!
    Hope this helps some victims.

  • Jo
      30th of Nov, 2007
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    Meeting between Trading Standards and globespan is scheduled for 12thDec. So. if you want your complaints heard, you should contact Trading Standards PDQ. Replies may take some time, but you will get a response. I have asked questions in certain quarters as to how much Terms & Conditions are legal and just how far they can be stretched. Again, reply will take time.

  • Jo
      22nd of Jan, 2008
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    Some Sale !!!! Globespans January sale is on and offering up to 50% off flights. What this eye catching advert doesn't say is that as of March 2008, all passengers will be charged £8 per trip for their suit case.£16 if you pay at airport. They are following in the steps of So much for the reduced flight prices. A typical Edinburgh company---screw the B------s for what you can get.

  • Ra
      25th of Jan, 2008
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    Flyglobespan thrive because they do not just yet have any real competition in the east side of Scotland. Their flights and slots are perfect for us, so much so that we allow ourselves to be treated shabbily, and come back for more.
    I myself am guilty of doing exactly this and until another carrier offers as good an in flight experience, or better, I will continue to patronise this company. It is agreat shame that the sterling efforts of their cabin staff are so utterly and completely negated by an absence of customer care from head office.
    That does not mean that we, and it would appear that we are several, are not unaware that we are regarded with contempt by Mr T. Dalrymple et al.
    I recently read an interview of Mr Dalrymple by the Scotsman newspaper on the 22/1/06, posted on the website.
    The paragraph which had me helpless with laughter reads
    "He also knows that giving the customer what he wants is vital-and that includes good service.'When you check in, you want someone to smile at you. We can't piss of our customers'
    Well, I have disagree with Mr Dalrymple, he and his staff have since proved on umpteen occasions that they can, and do exactly this, frequently and almost compulsively, and still the customers keep on coming.
    One can only speculate what they would have to do to actually deter folk from buying their product.
    For example, how can a charge be justified for poayment by debit card when they have instantly the use of the customer's money for maybe six months or even longer, interest free?
    Or, since when did £15 GBP equate with 25 Euros, especially since the Euro has risen recently to 75p. This means the charge rises from £15, which we should be able to pay in sterling, along with our flight seats,to a swingeing £18.75. Nice little earner or what!
    This only happens if one only wishes to buy excess baggage incoming, if purchased for both legs there seems not be any problem in paying in sterling at the £15 per leg rate.
    Now we have to pay per hold bag, even of it is at this early stage quite a low price. Other carriers have done thise but they at least have increased the total allowance so effectively one is having to buy excess baggage in advance. This is acceptable if only because one can take up to 30kg total, and it should avoid the embarrassment, and anger, of being caught at checkin for a hefty fine for being overweight.
    By imposing this new baggage charge while still keeping the maximum"free" baggage at 20kg, Flyglobespan are slipping in a stealthy price rise.
    Now where have we heard of stealthy price or tax rises before? Correct, and what Flyglobespans marketing experts, and I use this description loosely, have not taken on board is that the general public of this country are now supersensitive to stealth charges, and can detect them from afar.
    Just as at the ballot box, the perps. will be remembered when a credible alternative pops up.
    This company could so easily turn all of these negatives into positives which would enable it withstand any assault from competitors with confidence. I wish I could show them just how simple this could be, but then that would require their recognition and acceptance that what they are presently doing is not necessarily correct, and that may be too much to ask of them.
    Right Tom?
    over & out

  • Jo
      27th of Jan, 2008
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    RF is absolutely correct. Globespan is run on the typical ARROGANT Edinburgh business principles.

    Only last week they told the trading standards officer that if anyone doesn't like the way globespan treats them then go to another carrier. The foremost consideration must be profit and F--- the client.

    Globespan must be exceedingly sure of their customer base and loyalty that they can make this statement. I know very few businesses, in this day and age, considering the present economic climate, that can treat their bread and butter in this disgusting fashion.

  • Jo
      27th of Jan, 2008
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    I have read the post from B Tamsin and find it absolutely ridiculous that Trading Standards apparently don't have the powers to make rouge traders toe the line. When will we have an organisation in this country that has the balls and laws behind them to close businesses that cheat or mislead. Perhaps the new EU law on unfair business practices will help.

  • Jo
      22nd of Feb, 2008
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    Despite being interviewed by trading standards, globespan are still AT IT. Advertising good flight times on their website to entice people to book early(getting interest on your money). A few weeks after booking, when plane is nearly fully booked, they change flight times to the unaceptable, causing clients great headaches in arranging forward transport and getting access to appartments at some ungodly hour.

  • Jo
      27th of May, 2008
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    In todays local paper(Dundee Courier)27/5/08, there is an article stating that the CAA are to prosecute globespan for allegedly operating an aircraft with a faulty engine warning gauge. Another charge relates to allegedly failing to file a safety report about this defect.
    Pity CAA don't prosecute for the disgusting treatment Globespan enforce upon their loyal customers!!!
    It may not be long however, until such treatment infringes "the unfair terms in consumer contracts" law which recently is being adopted accross Europe. This will over-ride globespan's infamous "Terms & Conditions" which they appear to use as a bible, to absolve them from any responsibility & complaints.

  • Jo
      6th of Jun, 2008
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    They're all at it!! Posters here complain that globespan have no customer services email address, despite their claims to be an internet biased company.Nor do they have an ordinary phone number for them. (you can get an 031 number if you mess about long enough, and can hold the line all day).
    I heard that Ryanair were operating out of Edinburgh and checked their website to see their routes. Surprise, surprise, Ryanair are as bad as globespan if not worse. No email address under "Contact Us" or anywhere else as far as I could see. No ordinary or 0800/0845 phone numbers, only premium rate numbers available!!! What are they afraid of, and is there no end to their money making scams????

  • Jo
      15th of Jun, 2008
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    Arrogent or What??
    Just checked Globespans website and there exists a new paragraph reminding punters just what exactly they CLAIM they can do under their T&C. It confirms previous threads that they can treat passengers anyway they see fit. It also confirms that what you see advertised on their web site, book and pay for, (sometimes months in advance) can bear no relation whatsoever to what you actually receive.
    Now here's the Punch Line, they advise to make sure Punters get an insurance company to provide cover for Globespans short commings. In my experience, no such policy exists, and if it did, the cost would be prohibitive. Just how thick do they think the public is???

  • Gc
      4th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    totally agree with previous comments/complaints...My flight to toronto was cancelled by globespan for 30th september, , , myself and my wife were extremely dissapointed...i recieved a phone call saying my account had been refunded still waiting for funds to arrive back in my account...called them 4 days later ...funds had not been released back to my account, have been assured they this space!!! the way i cancelled my hotel at manchester airport the same day my flight was cancelled, , my refund was in my account the following day...?????????????????????

  • Hu
      30th of Oct, 2008
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    Globespan - flight &rescheduled& with no warning
    Scotland, Strathclyde
    United Kingdom

    In September Globspan cancelled our Sunday evening flight home from Barcelona with no warning.They called it "rescheduled." We had a 6 hour wait for an eventual 2.30am Monday morning take off, with work to go to after 2 hrs sleep!
    Barcelona airport staff told us Globespan do this all the time. Friends almost missed a funeral coming home from Barcelona under almost identical circumstances.
    Would you travel with a company who regularly do this or would you choose another airline if you had been warned?

  • Wi
      19th of Sep, 2009
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    WILLIAM, ELENA, AND ETHAN STRACHAN-we travelled with flyglobspan from egypt to edinburgh on flight
    number gsm572 16/09/09 at 16.55 from sharem-el sheik.when we boarded plane our child ethan was not feeling very well and one stewardess had very negative views towards him.this ### said she had no maternal
    instincts towards children.we had a terrible flight coming home all because of this woman.i put up with it for
    so long and then lostmy temper with her, i shall never fly globspan again in my life, i also am not pleased about
    no telephone nos to contact them.when i told this woman i would not be flying with globspan she just said it did not bother her.i hope they go bust and that will teach them a lesson, why do globspan not give telephone nos
    for there complaint dept, they are a disgrace to all air companies

  • Di
      7th of Jun, 2016
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    Globespan - Transfers
    United States

    I am writing to claim back charges of £80 that I was charged for tranfers from Palma Airport to the Sol Tordos/Mirlos hotel on Tuesday 3rd June 2008.

    We arrived in Palma from Edinburgh and was looking around the airport for two hours trying to find our transport to our hotel, to no avail, we the had to get 2 taxi'x as there was 8 off us to our hotel.

    I have been assured that I will receive my £80 back.

    Thank you.

    Diane Colquhoun

  • Ma
      7th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes
    Globespan - Put on wrong plane!

    My daughter was booked to fly to Gatwick from Hamilton and was put on the WRONG PLANE. Despite her concern that she had been misboarded, the attendants checked her ticket 3 times, decided it was a clerical error and had her step aside so that others may board. They said they would find her a seat later. Once the error was discovered in-flight, she was yelled at. No hospitality was offered. I'm sure the Canadian government would find it shocking to learn that anyone can board a Globespan plane and fly unbeknown to security. Many calls later (none instigated by Globespan) she still has no luggage.

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