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Globelink Security And Courier Malaysia / FAKE PARCELS

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i was almost a victim here!
i am refering to this fake courier "Gentle Express Courier" and " GLOBELINK SECURITY AND COURIER-MALAYSIA.
i met a guy thru TAGGED, he introduced himself as a bachelor from London who is desperately looking for a wife to marry. i was fascinated with the manner he talks, he seemed real. we chatted for quite some time until he told me that he is coming over to singapore to meet me! and before that he wants me to make a 1 week hotel reservation for him. he said he is sending a parcel for me containing gadgets such as brand new palm top computer, digital nokia celfone, jewelries, and cash worth 5000 pounds!
i almost believe it was real coz he sent me the "confirmation" from the courier" looked genuine.
after 2 days, i received a phone call from Malaysia from a certain man named STEVE BROWN..he sent me an email explaining that the parcel has been put on hold by the Malasian Customs because it contains cash. So in order to claim the package, i must pay the necessary fees (clearance fees / administrative charges) amounting 3, 400.RM
at this point, i noticed something is wrong. The erroneous typing, in the amount to be paid and the gramatical errors made me think that this is some kind of a fraud.
when this MR BROWN called me again, i can't help but curse him saying " hey! i don't have time for this bully ###"..
i told him that i don't have the money to pay them so they better send the package back to MR JEFFERSON BILL (or to MR FRANK COLLINS)!
may this experience serve as a lesson for everybody, that to never trust anyone u meet online especially concerning your personal information.

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  • Fr
      18th of Feb, 2009
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    It happened to my friend today. Last night she received email from the guy named Abdul Razak from London saying he sent a parcel containing exacly the same items. She's been in touch the guy for 2 months. I was a bit suspicious when she showed me the email especially on the cash amount the guy sent, and start google on 'courier cash Malaysia' and so happy came trought to this review. Thanks a lot Joyce. My friend got to know this guy (I believe the same guy) from I believe this is done by someone inside Malaysia, coz according to my friend, her phone bill was never reached more than RM 180 even though she called to London line (assumingly) quite frequent for the past two month. Thanks for sharing the info. Thanks a lot.
    Just to share the info:
    The courier service used this time is
    This guy London phone number is +447031828615. he claims his name is Abdul Razak or Abdul Ibrahim
    The courier guy from overseaworldexpress who called me on the witheld parcel is Dr. Denise Johnson. He asked my friend to pay RM3000. His number is 0060149603966

    So, girls outside there, watch out for these 2 numbers! Please spread the info.

    Take care
    F, Puchong 4.30pm

  • Ho
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    I too was a victim of these parcel scam. Tagged was the website used as a means of meeting a new victims. To the extent they are creating a courier website called "royalsxpress" so that you can track your parcel online. As a vivid scrutiny I saw the defect and flaws of the website such as no telephone number, no address, copyright was still 2006, the company name is not consistent as royals express or royals xpress. Hope this will be stopped.

  • Ma
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    I met also a guy from a dating site. He told me he wanted to express what he felt. I was also suspicious the way he constructed words because most are in grammatical error and even simple words are mispelled. Then suddenly he sent an e-mail saying that he sent a parcel containing a brand new digital palmtop computer, a set of neck-lace with a rose flower, and a sum of 5, 000 pounds sealed in the same computer pack. I was shocked and thinking maybe it is a joke. On the next day someone called from Malaysia saying that there was a problem shipping the package due to the cash inside. He told me to pay an amount of RM 1, 680 as a charge just to ship it over here. I was shocked. He even don't know how to speak in English. I was called again why I didn't reply to the e-mail, I told him why should I where in fact I am not the one who sent it. I told him refer it to the fake person JOHN COLE.

  • Ma
      16th of Mar, 2009
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    I met a guy name peter from Manchester in Tagged, he said he is looking for a female as his life partner. He is a divorcee having a 9yrs old son, styding in boarding school, he wants a genuine female in his life. Initially i was reluctant to accept his contact, and i denied it. After 3 weeks of time, again he approached in another name called Martinotakar, with the same story, he forcebly taken my contact address and phone nos., so that he can send me the parcel. I gave my workplace address, on 03/03/2009 he called up to me and said he has sent me a gift parcel by RoyalXpress containing Laptop, jewelleries, cologne, cash of 4000 pounds, his family photo and flower. And also he had sent me a copy of Customs Declaration Dispatach Note (Airway Bill). Whenever he comes online to chat, he was enquiring about the parcel, i was saying i didn't receive it. I asked him about the contact no. of royalsxpress, UK, so that i can contact them and ask about the parcel. He gave only the email id (, immediately i sent the email about the parcel, they asked to send RM4020 (Malaysia Ringitt) via western union money transfer, so that the parcel can be delivered to my address. Somehow i approached my Bank people and took their help in transferring the cash (1100 USD), which is equal to Rs.55744/- (INdian Rupees), but Divisional Manager asked me not to transfer the cash as he felt something wrong in the transaction and airway bill. He said he cannot do it, as it is fake. After 30 minutes i spoke to Martin Oatakar saying that i cannot transfer my cash, since there is a problem, so i am going to send back the parcel. This time his response was entirely different towards me. He said if you want the parcel, pay and take. If you dont want the parcel leave it. I felt something fishy, so i started to search for the Royalsxpress Address and contact nos., i found this timely help message. Below are the contact Nos. of these fake parcels and people, Kindly have a note of it.
    Martin : +447024013781
    +603199000, +6031099000, +60123264077, +6192601111

  • Mo
      31st of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This is so true. Me myself also got the same problem before. It was a man from somewhere in London. He said his name is Yosuf Abdullahi. We talked for like a month and I got excited every time received his email. One day, he said he sent me a parcel contains a gold necklace, a brand new HP laptop, and 3, 500 pounds.I was almost believed him, after been suspicious, I stopped contact him. He gave me the courier website, But now, the website is no longer exist.

    I thought I'm the only one who had gone through this matter but gratefully not. So girls out there, beware yeah.

  • Ha
      23rd of Apr, 2009
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    i am presently talking to one of the man whose name was mention how can i get him caught i need help

  • Sw
      14th of May, 2009
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    Yes, I got a similar story here. The good thing is I read these articles before the guy sends me the bill for the customs duty. Thanks god.
    Here is his story:
    Hi my love,

    I guess you want to be confused a bit, but dont be sweetheart. Below are the things that are inside the parcel.

    1. Gold Jewelry and white Gold ring

    2. Gold Watch

    3. $38.000 000 USD, for my goods

    4. Rosesess

    5. Louis Vuittion hand bag

    Baby, all the gift items belongs to you alone except item number 3, which is the $38.000 000 is for me to use and buy some goods and to enjoy with you when I am in your country. I would also like you to take money from there and book my hotel ok?. The rest money, you should please keep them for me. Like I told you before my love, I am doing all these on trust and please DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME OK?. Again, if I dont like you, I wouldnt have requested me seeing you, do you know that?. I will make you my number one in life and would fasten our marriage proposals. My mum called me and asked after you because I told her everything and baby do you know I have nothing to say for now until I come ok?.

  • Ac
      1st of Jul, 2009
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    I have this experience too few months ago but this guy cant persuade me to accept his gift. Almost the same with all the things mention above. My instinct...'this is very good to be true', and it is imposible someone send me such expensive gifts with cash without even seeing me? when this guy fail once i keep receiving email in my WAYN inbox that they are interested in me and bla bla bla...I cannot deny that they are really good in making woman fall in love with them, but the things is always the same story...seems they are stupid too (lucky). So, my advice here to all of us woman...we need to investigate, take time to find out, googles and googles even his number...with patient and have faith, believe me we will never regret!! ...this is our life, our life with, take time!!

    Some of them saying they are from UK but I must tell you all that they are doing this in our country and most of them...note me ...most of them are NIGERIAN in Malaysia, i am not generalize but this is what i study from googles...All the best to us and God bless


  • Gr
      2nd of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Seems like these scammers are damn stupid for doing the same gigs again and again. Pay heed to these:

    1/if something happens involving money YOU have to spend, then it is a scam



    4/never be so gullible enough to fall for people like that

    5/always be careful when dealing with people online. you should never reveal more about yourself than necessary

  • Se
      28th of Oct, 2009
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    I have experienced same thing as what you all did. I am so thankful of this site and all your complaints. It happened to me just recently when I met someone in Tagged whose name is GREGORY MARTINS ROESER whose name is a fraud. And same strategy he used to me as what THEY or rather HE/SHE did to you. Asking u to marry him... letting u furnish necessary documents needed... blah blah blah... Here is a sample letter from a "Swift Courier Group" about a parcel that this GREGORY MARTINS ROESER sent me.:

    Oh, by the way here is his IP Address:
    Country: Malaysia
    Region: Wilayah Persekutuan
    City: Kuala Lumpur

    I'm also lucky to have a son who knows technically about computer applications/programs. He located this fraud for me and that is how we knew that he is not really from UK but only from malaysia. To anyone who wants to locate this ###, just use his IP address. I have furnished him some of my personal information including my passport ID. but I already reported it to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). Hope it will be a lesson to all. I also attached here a sample receipt. Here is the letter again:

    From: ""
    Sent: Tue, October 27, 2009 10:38:43 AM
    Subject: package update


    Parcel Identity Code AA035100119GB




    We would like to give you the complete information about your parcel from Mr. GREGORY MARTINS ROESER of United Kingdom. It has arrived this morning in our branch here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Your parcel has been scanned for security purposes. We apologize for the inconvenience but it is an SOP of the company to give you charge for the undeclared item inside the parcel. It was scanned and detected containing money inside with unknown amount and currency that ha s not been paid by the sender because of not declaring it at the main office. In that case our company branch charge you to pay 750RM malaysian money or 220 US dollars. Here is the name of our finance officer in Kuala Lumpur

    address: KLIA International Airport Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    pay through: WESTERN UNION

    Please comply as soon as possible to retain your parcel as it will be seize if un settled. Email to us the confirmation of your payment or send SMS to our customer service staff so that the company could verify your payment asap for the release and delivery of your parcel.

    We are looking for your immediate response to this matter.
    Thank you.

    KLIA International Airport Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

  • Se
      28th of Oct, 2009
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  • Jh
      17th of Nov, 2009
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    honey i love you very much ..

  • An
      2nd of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    my god!!! a good friend of mine was also a victim of this stupid GREGORY MARTINS ROESER he actually asked my friend to marry him and live with him in UK he even send a fake picture of him and his daughter "gracey".. my friend long to have a family and she is already 50 years old... this guy literally break my friends heart.. he is such a ruthless man.. not only that is is fake my friend said that he was a black american.. because she forced him to chat online... she was so surprised that this guy was really a different person from the pictures that he send... this guy was a black american.. i'm not so sure if she was able to save the picture... this guy deserves to be punish... playing with a womans heart and giving them false hopes in life... darn... i so hate this my friend also gave money to that "Swift Courier Group" i am not actually into taking the money back for her but all i want to do is to slap him in the face... a heartless man don't deserve anything or anyone that is good...

    it was too late before i found this website and discovered the truth about him... my friend was so excited and she feels so in love with this guy... his sweet words and thoughtful messages really made my friend fall for him.. i just hope that there will be mo other victim of this guy or any other guy who re just after the money and fooling girls in the internet... i just hope that they got caught and get what they really deserve.

  • Ai
      7th of Dec, 2009
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    Ya! this all sound so familiar hear this umpteen time and feel sorry for the girls who fall for this.
    I got the same thing last week. Hahah knowing about this scam tot I play along with his game.
    Here my last conversation with him about the package.

    14:25 > i sending you a package contain a blackberry, gold necklace and DIAMON RING and also 5000pound [[See how he empasis on the DIAMON RING hahah funny freak]]

    14:26 Me> ok

    14:27 > i miss you so much

    14:27 > i just want to show you how much i love you my love

    14:27 > you never call me since i give my number to you my love

    14:27 > am really serious to develop a serious relationship with you [[all this lovey dovey thinking giving me goosebump mate]]

    14:28 Me> thanks. you sending the goods thru which courier?

    14:28 Me> whats ur number - well again if i dont call you can call.

    14:28 > i send you through courier rapid delivering service [[for what i know rapid delivery service is only in US never know they expanded to singapore. wahahha stupid lah this man]]

    14:29 > my driver is in there office now to send you ok [[aik from london can reach singapore by road huh amazing grace.]]

    14:31 Me> ok.. hey what your full name again i want to store it in my heart. [[ tacky but i need to know so I can report him. didnt get his number thou ### should store it before for stroger evidence.]]

    14:31 > Ralphneal mylove.i really thinking about you every day [[more like a nightmare for]]

    14:32 Me> ok.. what ur number let me save it agian

    14:32 > you don't know how serious is me to develop a serious relationship with you. wait.. driver calling me [[haha somehow even btw waiting I know what to expect. this is fun]]

    14:36 > mylove, the courier company told my driver that when the package arrive to there branch office the receiver will pay 785usd. make sure you pay them the money and receive the package ok [[told ya..]]

    14:37 Me> why dont u wire that amount and i pay using that wired money huh

    14:38 > you know in UK you can not send 1000pounds out of UK with a valuable documents. UK is very strict my love. this is the best alternative my friend told me to use and send for you because he got married to Brunei woman

    14:39 Me> then u shouldn't declared the amount of the goods.

    14:40 > i send you the package under special package because the money i put inside the package for you. just pay them the 785usd they will deliver the package to you ok

    14:42 Me> well you should have just sent it to thru to the right sources or more trusted courier service then. and from my expetise in all this import & export of goods whatever you talking about doesn make sense and even so where shuld i find that 785usd from.. shall i dig it out from ur grave ?? or my ### hole ?? :)

    14:48 > make sure you have 785usd at hand my love the package will arrive in wenesday

    14:50 Me> i dont and i wont bother to find. if you could give me 5000pound as u say before you can jolly well take that package back and spend that money and buy urself an airticket and get yourself here so I could kick ur ### or better shove my feet in ur ###. how bout that sound much more tempting huh

    14:51 > arrange the company money and keep for them immediately the package arrive give them there clearance charge ok why can't you look for money when you receive the package you can give any one you borrow from?

    14:53 Me> do you love me ? [[tired of all the talking and he's not listening and the only way i want to stop this..]]

    14:53 > yes mylove

    14:55 Me> so do as i already say.. get the money and wire them or send western union or anything before wednesday. if you really care so much i get this parcel do that.. if not.. hey I can just tell them to open and take whatever they want.. or maybe it's just a virtual package who knew..

    14:56 > if you don't have money you can forget about the package ok

    14:57 Me> hahha sure no prob.. got to hell with that package

    14:58 > why are you saying like to me?

    15:02 Me> saying like to me ?? why are you saying this to me you mean. cause i know it all this is fake u loving me is fake all this is fake. sorry mate i dont do deal with fake drama too. it just a big scam come on.. get a new ways to scam woman. oh better yet get a life mate. it a pity cause you still stuck in ur old traits. want me to teach you new ways.. either way thanks huh.

    15:04 > thank you [[hahah last msg from him ttfn]]

    15:06 Me> you welcome. Like the english would say - I hope you have a splendid day. *LMAO* oh ya stop prentending to be some white europeans when u know your ### is black. [[yes it a african guy cause i know and he call me so his slang.. hahah so clear.]]

    Anyway that all from me.. Ladies don't trust guys esp something like this which is too good to be true. xx tkcare

  • Na
      26th of Sep, 2011
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  • Un
      26th of Nov, 2011
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    Same thing happened to me. I lost RM 3, 500, as I paid without much consideration. After this payment, they sent me email again requesting me to pay for another RM 9, 450.39 for Inland Revenue Services. I felt something was wrong and did some investigation, then only found out that the courier company itself does not exist. I was even threatened by them that they will get police to arrest me and put me to court if i refuse to pay that sum. I reported my case to police. Lucky that it was only RM 3, 500 and not more after that.
    And this guy so called LORD DONALD dare to claim himself born in Royal Family of UK, and still dare to contact me again.

    Beware of the information below:
    WAYN member: LORD DONALD
    Phone number: +447858836905
    YM: lorddonald80
    Courier company: Sky Courier Services (
    Contact: +0146470862 / +0149701232
    Bank: CIMB


  • Je
      21st of Apr, 2012
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    I also was one of these scams vicitima, just as I met this man on a dating site, it seemed so sincere until I sent an email where he said that he sent me a package containing an HP laptop, wristwatch, cell phone black berry, a red rose to 15, 000 pounds and all this was a gift for our future relationship. When I read the email was in shock for a moment, then I began to doubt that a person could be so good, I followed the game until two days later I received another email informing me that the shipment was seized and I had to pay about U.S. 5, 999.00 to proceed with the shipping otherwise this would be confiscated by the government, I was firm that it could not pay this because I did not have that much money, after many more emails they gave up that never pay the shipping, I knew it was a fraud and I could confirm when trying to check on the website of the shipping company, this package did not exist.

    please before falling into a scam like this check first if this is true ...

    The shipping company was this:
    Here is the company name and website.
    Tracking number:medium/SECS/51060199374419
    The people who contacted to me were as follows:
    Samuel Anderson (the lover friend)
    Miss Kerim, Accountant/Mananger Mr Idris Kazman,
    South East Asia Accounting Officer,
    Swift Express Courier Services, Malaysia.

    This is the account


    Account Name: Kamariah Kerim
    Bank Name: MayBank
    Account number: 164780060290
    Bank Swift Code: MBBEMYKL
    Bank Address: Taman Connaugh SSC, No 1 Jalan Menara Gading 1, Taman Connaught 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Name:Dara Bee
    Name:Kamariah Binti Kerim.
    Country:Taman Connaugh SSC, No 1 Jalan Menara Gading 1, Taman Connaught 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Please take extreme caution and if you are contacted by these people complain of fraud.

  • Me
      25th of Apr, 2012
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    My cousin almost fell victim to this scam just today 26/04/2012. I told a relative that my cousin had discovered a gold mine since the guy talked of wanting to come down to Africa and invest properties in my cousin`s name as his fiancee. the relative warned me to dig deeper into this guy. i then warned my cousin not to send the money when the parcel clearance bill was sent but she went ahead and send the money. Luckily when I discovered through internet that it was a scam the money was still not sent through and she managed to get her money back although they took a small amount for administration fees. Thank to all of you for this alert.

  • Aw
      2nd of May, 2012
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    I also a victim of Lord Donald Smith, email, YM lorddonald80 phone no. +447858836905 I knew him from tagged, he claimed that he has sent me a parcel from UK by skynet courier service, the website ( and gave me the tracking number 4563003521819, which when i m checked there was a items in the parcel such iphone, parfume, chocolate, flowers, bracelet, and money of 5000 pounds, He claimed that he's working with CVW oil and gave me the website but he not realised that the company is in US. He sent me a parcel using CVW address 514 Harvard st, Manchester, NH 03103, UK. The funny is he changed the US to UK it's because stated a 'Manchester' there, because he told that he was from Manchester. Then I received a call from guy named Mr. Wayne from phone no. +0146470862 / +0149701232 claimed that he from skynet asia, wanted me to bank in money of RM5, 000 to personal account of the skynet staff to do clearing at custom, LUCKY I know about shipping and i refer to my friend at courier service office, he adviced me not to do the instruction given by Mr Wayne. IT'S A SCAM...for those girls and ladies outside...please beware of lorddonal80, he's in facebook by name of Lod Donald

  • Ro
      19th of Jun, 2012
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    hello veryone i was almost a victim of his fraud, his name is samuel anderson living in london, have a small daughter and he even showed me his pic and this little girl. i met him on tagged as well and he spoke so well and full with charming words. he gave me a tracking number, told me he is going to send a laptop with his picture in it, black berry phone, rose, watch 10, 000 pounds telling me he wants me to buy a house and take care of myself until he comes to my country. im so glad i read you guys comment before it was too late, this is what WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND DO NOT SEND OR GIVE OUT YOUR PESONAL INFO ON THE NET TO NO ONE WHO IS PRCLAIMING LOVE TO YOU UNTIL YOU MEET IN PERSON.

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