Globe Tatoo Superstick / Incompetent Tech Support

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I've subscribed to Globe Tatoo postpaid about a month ago and has experienced good connectiion at home with 3G until last week when suddenly i couldnt browse. The wifi stick showed full signal strength for 3G and i was able to connect to the wifi but somehow browsing failed.I called up Globe and the first agent i spoke with - Maste - insists that the problem is with my laptop but i do not agree as my iPad couldnt connect to internet as well. Globe checked my SIM and also mentioned that there were no on-going maintenance in my area. What i did next is bring my wifi stick to a different location and i was able to connect to 3G with no problems. So again i called up Globe and they now raised a transacton ID. There no updates for a day or 2 so i decided to call them up. I later realized they've closed my case as they think there is no problem. They said they've tried contacting me but i didnt receive any calls... Turns out they were calling my superstick number even though i provided a valid contact number! I requested for a new case and again after a few days the case was closed because they say the problem is with my SIM. Ive explained to the supervisor that the problem is not with the SIM as i can connect to 3G in other locations. Another case is opened but closed again after a day or 2 as they say they cannot pinpoint my exact location. If my billing statement can reach me there is no reason why the tech support cannot find my address. After 4 escalated cases, talking with 3 supervisors and inisisting they call me so that i can explain the problem - they never did! But one thing they consistently do is sms and call the wifi stick number and close my cases. Common sense would have dictated that the wifi stick cannot accept calls AS IT IS A WIFI ROUTER! Very frustrating and incompetent support!

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