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Applied for Globe’s 3MBPS Business Bundle early January, installers arrived on the 14th. Connection failed immediately after they left and would only briefly function randomly for weeks following. I emailed Globe dozens of times through February 29. The only response was “we will refer your concern to the appropriate group for proper handling”. Never did I receive a response from the “appropriate group”. I know that technicians were looking into it, but we were rarely contacted by them. Never did Globe Customer Service call and ask for a status report. Expect nothing if you email Globe customer service. Calling Globe is just as useless, the Rep that you speak with has no idea of the current status of the problem. There is no one for the Rep to call for an update. They can email the “technical team”, but it produces no immediate response. Repeated requests to speak with a supervisor were refused. No one from Globe has ever called us as a follow-up. Service was cancelled early April. This is a management problem; it cannot be blamed on the Customer Service Reps. Obviously, Globe has no management development program, nor have they ever heard of Continuous Quality Improvement. With respect to the “world stage”: what an embarrassment to the Philippines!

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      7th of Apr, 2012
    Globe 3MBPS Business Bundle - Technical Services
    Globe Telecom

    My experience with Globe was, even though they are quite aware of a problem, they probably won’t repair it. Globe only offers 1 MBPS download here via Canopy, so we had a standard DSL connection @ 3MBPS. Problem was: at dark every night the connection went down and did not return to daylight! Bizarre! We found that the locals had installed dozens of makeshift streetlights between our house & Globe’s “cabinet”. The streetlight installer has connected the ground wire to Globe’s supporting “messenger” cable that they attach the telephone trunk cable to. So at night when all these CFLs come on, it induces ElectroMagnetic Interference into Globe’s telephone cable overpowering the DSL “carrier”. Globe technicians and their contractors ignored this and tried for months to find alternative solutions. They finally, conceded that this was the problem and stated that they will not repair it. Then, I received a telephone call stating that I was being disconnected due to their inability to provide service! I find Globe to be overpriced, incredibly apathetic and unprofessional, with incompetent “technicians”. FYI, I also have an account with Comcast in Oregon 12MBPS download, 400+ TV channels and unlimited nationwide longdistance calling: $95.00 a month. I was paying nearly the same for Globe’s 3MBPS only. Sadly, I’ve gone back to Smart – “the lesser of two evils”!

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