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I purchased 4X Made Easy and data feed and coaching, (total about $7800.00).
I traded for about a year and decided my problem was emotions interfering with my trades. So I purchased Commandtrade automated trading and had the same results, ($4800). I did all the training and used the backtesting function to test my strategies. They were 90% profitable on backtesting but when I traded the real market they were totally random in results. I cancelled my data feed and traded with the free software from my broker, Thinkorswim, and stopped my losses immediately. I'm now up over 90% in equities. I just want my money back for Commandtrade. They made enough off me for the rest of the purchases I made.


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      Jan 14, 2011

    **********IF YOU HAVE ISSUED ANY PAYMENTS TO A COMPANY THAT HAS NOT PROVIDED ANY SERVICES AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED A FULL REFUND PLEASE CONTACT US - We can get you a full refund if it has been within 18 months since the transaction. We have no upfront fees, or contract to be signed, and no personal information is needed to start the dispute process which on average takes about two - three weeks. If you have been a victim of another form of telemarketing fraud please let us know! --- [protected] Ext 410 or [protected] Ext 401 --- email: [protected] or [protected]

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