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1 Australia

This company advertises SSL Certificate issue within 4 minutes. I was not necessarily looking for that fast but I did expect it within an hour or so. The following is the email sent to the company.

7 April 2007 at 13:59 (GMT +8) I placed an order via your web for an SSL certificate. I paid via VISA Credit card and received the email regarding the Approval email address. The domain owner advised he had not received the email so I sent a reply to approval AT at 15:00 requesting the email be resent or information on what to do. At about 17:00 the client advised he had received the email and responded. I do not know if this was a resend or the original email finally arriving. At 18:20 I again sent to approval AT that I had not yet received the certificate. I then sent email to support AT at 20:10 with request for certificate or assistance.

This morning at 7:00 I sent email to support AT and rang the Australian office. I left a message the first time I rang. I did not leave a message the second time and on the third time I spoke with the receptionist to confirm it was not a holiday in Melbourne and it was within normal business hours.

So far I have received no reply or response to any of my queries. At 7:59 I placed an order with another company for the SSL certificate. At 8:17 I received the certificate and assigned it to the web within a few moments.

At 9:16 I sent a further email to support AT to advise them to cancel the request and not charge my VISA account. I have had no reply to that either.

I will not be using or recommending your organization and I suggest your web advertisement re 5 minute certificate is misleading.

I would appreciate a reply and confirmation I will not be charged. If the charge does come through I will be disputing it.

The credit card charge has come through and yes I am disputing it.

I have sent 4 emails and made 5 phone calls to the company leaving messages for them to return my call or reply by email. All to no avail.

This company does not deserve to be in this business.

Dj Baum


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