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Globalinx / Stay away from them

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The greatest mistake you will ever make. They always always over charge. Then they will charge you 65 dollars every two weeks. Does that make sense at all. I cut of my service and guess what they charged 111 dollars when our phone bill is 19.99. At first all think its a big deal how cheap. But they have planned ahead to suck u dry. Beside their service is so poor. Phone always cuts of and it drains the internets speed. Once we cut off the home phone, our internet has been impeccable. Never never never.

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  • Sh
      7th of Jul, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Their customer service is slow and poor. Their service is poor. Why get this service when you can simply use the internet conferencing for free? Don't make the mistake of signing up to be a rep. I fell for the flashy presentation and the lying reps that say they make $10, 000 + a month after 2 months in the biz. Come to find out they were still working their full time gig and struggling just like everyone else they suckered into buying a $500 distributor license. Buy and iPod or something like that, you'd be better off. I'm out over $800 :(

  • Ri
      16th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Globalinx and 5Linx are listed in the INC. 500 as one of the fastest growing companies in America and with growth comes growing pains. I think training and hard work and discipline are the keys to success. This is not suppossed to be a get rich quick company and it is not. The 5Linx business model is a good model for network marketers and I personally know that many people do well who take this business seriously. The problem is that everyone thinks it is easy to be wealthy. There are no shortcuts. 5linx is one way to make a lot of money but you must be a team builder. You will not make money unless you help your team make money. This is not a pyramid scheme. You can't make money without following the proven 5linx plan and follow the training. Were you certified in the online training and team training programs? Did you go to all the meetings for training and personal development? No, you can't expect success if you don't pay the price that successful business owners pay. I went to a franchise show recently and so how normally smart people were willing to pay 10's of thousands of dollars in Franchise fees to start a business that has so much start up costs and so many chances to fail. What 5Linx has done is reduce the start up costs for starting your own business to the bare minimum. Some people should not start ANY Business because they are not business people and so they blame thier failure on others. Take responsibility and either suck it up and work hard and follow the proven plan or stop complaining and move on, but to say that 5linx is the problem when thousands of representatives are growing thier business and making money is ridiculous.
    Success is not for everyone. If someone is willing to learn how to be successful and follow directions and be coachable, I would invite them to go to my website and join 5Linx at Otherwise, if you are a quitter or complainer, please do NOT join 5linx. We want Winners Only! Losers need not apply.

  • Gu
      6th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Been there, done that. Sounds like you were smarter than myself and cut your losses early. I was presented the "opportunity" at $500.00 which sounded too good to be true. Because it is. They don't present the bottom line cost, i.e the month costs, back office, platium services, annual dues and other "tools to success" in the PBR. Its after they pull you in. In fact they want new signees to be vague to friends and family. The term is "peak and pass". They want you to contact your friends to a meet with someone up the organizational food chain. The idea is to "give them the sizzle, but not the steak."
    As far as RightGuy, I was in 5 Linx, and went to the meetings that my wife a I referred to a Raa, Raa at an additional cost for admission. I was certified in training up to SVP. My bottom line is your system undependable, ie not being able to get a callout line 100% of the time, and when its a 911 situation, that critical. RightGuy, since your there to help customers locally, I hope you've got rhino hide for when your systems fails when its critical. Or are they just another "rotten apple"?

    -Guy in KC

  • De
      29th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    This is a pyramid scheme. Instead of saying winners wanted and not losers, why dont you just be honest and say SUCKERS wanted

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