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Globalinx / Unauthorized charges

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Globalinx was supposed to port my number from Vonage to Globalinx. They sent me the phone adapter, which I had to pay for, and never ported my number. I never took the phone adapter out of the box, and continue to use Vonage while I waited for them to port my number.

They never ported my number, but charged me $35 a month for a service that I never used. Every month I would receive an email invoice saying that my balance was $0.00, so I thought they weren't charging me until they ported over my service. When I checked my bank account I realized they were charging me. I called to request credit for the months that they charged me for, but I didn't utilize their service, and they refused to give me credit. I asked them to cancel the service and they charged me an early cancellation fee of $99.

I filed a report with the Better Business Bureau to no avail. I am left paying for a service that I did not receive. I never placed one call or received one call on their network. This company is a ripoff. Do not utilized any services from Globalinx or 5linx. I never had a problem with Vonage.

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  • Ri
      16th of May, 2009

    Globalinx and 5Linx has excellent customer service, but they are a phone and telecom company and just like Verizon and Vonage and AT&T and others there are always a few cases of mistakes or misunderstandings. If you call 1-866-418-1495 you can reach live Technical Support that can help you. I switched from the other Phone Companies because Globalinx and 5Linx is much better and they have local community representatives that will usually help you in the rare case that you have any difficulities. Who was the local representative in your area that signed you up for Globalinx service? You should contact them or find another 5linx representative in your area that can help you. I use and to help people become 5linx customers and save money. I hope this helps.
    -Guy in DC.

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  • Gu
      6th of Jun, 2010

    Obviously you work for 5 Linx. I got suckered into investing my time and hard earned dollar to becoming part of 5 Linx. After buying 2 different video phones and a nonvideo box, I realized that the equipment and network was crap. With a power surge and or brown out the phone goes offline and you have to disconnect the power and reboot. Meanwhile no one can call in. I have enough honor and dignity not to sell my friends equipment that does live up to the hipe. Consequently I left 5 Linx. As far as local reps helping, they defer to tech support in Rochester. Local reps are not tech support. They've made the sale and are moving on. You are the "rotten apple" to use a 5 Linx term. I have lost more hours of my life that I well never get back listening to tech support make excuses for why the phone failed, include blaming my internet service with Time Warner and resetting to factory default. I listened at one of the top SVP for 5 Linx at a PBR say that people in Nigeria could run their videophone without any problems as long as there was a high speed internet port. He also stated that he didn't understand the technical works of the system. Like a room light he knew that if he "flipped the switch the light came on". With technical support you better be an electrician to rewire that light switch. Even with technical support the phone was undependable. I terminated my business phone service as soon as I was out of contract. Like another complaint on this site, they billed me for the next month on a terminated service. I guess that's just SOP (standard operating procedure) for Globalinx. I wish I was never introduced to the company. My "friend" that brought me into this, I have lost alot of respect for. It makes my wonder what those I introduced to the company think of me.

    -Guy in KC

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  • Be
      1st of Nov, 2010

    That first comment definitely works for the rip-off company. Lame. Could it be any more obvious??

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  • Dl
      25th of Mar, 2011

    That is interesting because the service doesn't even cost $35. I think the scam is your email with incorrect information.

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  • De
      29th of Mar, 2011

    The service does cost about 35 dollars, would you like me to post a bill..I know what they say like the dt box is 24.99, but when its all said and done its almost 35 dollars...and to the man that got ripped off contact tha attorney generals office and file a ccomplaint and also the better business bureau and file a ccomplaint, we need to make others aware so they dont get took like we did .My phones alawys gave problems and the video phones are JOKE

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  • Dl
      29th of Mar, 2011

    That is just interesting because I haven't had any of the problems you claim. Neither has any of my family or friends. I think you are just on here to bash 5LINX.

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  • De
      31st of Mar, 2011

    Hey I can back up what I say, can you? I posted my 3 month residual bonus, have you got yours yet? You go ahead and make them folks richer its your choice.Oh and just to let you know, one of the last customers I got before I found out about 5linx was a business, thier number was ported yesterday, March 29, yesterday was fine, I was worried sick because of all of the problems I had, then today thier phone did not work at all...5linx did not know why...they got it working at 5 in the evening...they had no phone all day.I called my svp to try to get help for the customer and the Algoods never even brothered to call or text.You'll learn probally the hard way like I did...

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  • De
      1st of Apr, 2011

    To dleon1975...
    Why are you even on here if things are so GREAT for you...This is a website for complaints, couldnt you figure that out by its name... do you think you have to defend 5linx...Give it some time and you'll switch didnt answer the question...have you reccieved your 3 month residual bonus, if so please share with everyone what it was and how many customers you have
    Update on the business phone ..they got it working yesterday about 5, but all day long today it would only ring 2 or 3 times and then stop...back on the phone with Globalix...They said yesteday they had a outage is why the phone did not work...thats really great for business...and then again today about 5, they got it fixed again and said because of the outage yesterday it had to be reprogammed...And just for the record my svp finally called today this aftternoon after 6...said just call globalix ...SO MUCH FOR THESE 2 DAYS OF GLOBALIX..WONDER HOW MANY CCALLS THE STORE MISSED
    and you think Globalix is great..think again pal..

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  • Rm
      1st of Dec, 2011

    It is a rip off. I canceled my service 2 months ago and they still charge me 45 dollars every month and I already paid 100 for the cancelation fee. I haven't even use that thing!
    As of right now, I'm trying to find a lawyer to sue this company cause I got every paperwork, statements, files there are to get back every penny that they stole since the day I canceled their service. I don't care where the court is going to take place. I'm willing to fly from North Carolina up to New York if I have to.
    If anyone could refer me to a good lawyer, please shoot me an email at [protected] Thank you.

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  • Ih
      3rd of Oct, 2012

    I find merit in the complaint. Globalinx services are devoid of the fine service expected of a phone company.In my experience, I observed that in a number of instances, the line would suddenly turn off and you have to reboot it again. That may seem to be a minor problem but what if you need to use the phone for emergency purposes?! Do you mean to say, you have to wait for minutes, before you can deal with the situation? For only a span of three months, i had it already rebooted for about 15x!. Moreover, i find it difficult to talk to any representative. I tried to call them a couple of times and it took me an average of 30 min every call before their representative would answer.Lastly, they always charged ahead of the service. In fact, before i had it delivered to me, they already billed me with the monthly charge! Service is really BAD!!!

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