SUBMIT A COMPLAINT and CTV.cacontrolling commercials, forced to watch them, no fast forward allowed!!

I am so psd off, now these two channels are forcing the public to watch fkg commercials. Can't fast forward.

This country to be is now communist, not democratic.

I am not putting up with this and posting all people in Canada that have Global and CTV to start a huge protest.

Commercials every 5 mins. 11.12, commercials each time, 8 of them friggin car ads.

I think we should go back to a 10 min. commercial at 1/2 time of the program, like the good old days television programming.

I am insulted, disgusted, angry that a TV company can do this! I pay for TV, cable and I am supposed to accept this in my mind, criminal, activity.

Advocate for Justice for the People, J. O'Brien, Ms

  • Updated by June O'Brien, Feb 08, 2018

    Who wants to join my fight for consideration to consumers, customers of Global and CTV?

    Need Support here folks.

    Be proactive.

    Thank You.

Feb 08, 2018

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