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Global Wedding & Events / Scam Artists

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Phone: 905-624-5320

Carl Manning or Karl Usmani and Filomena were the typical caring and helpful vendors until you sign the contract.

I had been engaged for 9 months with 9 months to go to the wedding. I had seen about 15 different decorators & florists contacted about 50 in emails and via phone. In addition I had contacted various other vendors. I knew exactly how I wanted things and exactly how it was to be done. I spent three hours describing EXACT details of what I wanted, what model of limo, what color, what year, what decorations, color, flowers, fullness, floral lites and floral gel needed to the number of tea lights on the table to the detail and scrolling on the on the cake.

I went through absolutely everything to make Filomena got it all. I asked Filomena to give me a quote on all the things we had discussed. She told me that Karl (her husband) does the quotes and he was busy at the moment. My fiancé and I waited for 20minutes. Karl came with four sheets on paper with barely any details on it. I asked him if this and this and this blah blah blah was included he said yes yes yes to all my questions, I gave him the benefit of being extremely busy (I had changed our appointment at the last minute to the afternoon instead of that evening). He assured me it was a package price and I will get all that I would ask for. I told him I wasn't ready to finalize until I met the photographer but I was willing to put down a deposit as long as I was able to use it towards other items (dress) if I decided to not like the photographer after the trial engagement shots. He said that would be fine and that we would set up the appointment once the photographer was back in the country. He was in a rush and hurried me to sign the contract. I was still hesitant and almost backed down at the counter but the two seemed like such a sweet old couple, I went stupid for the split second and signed the contract and put down my deposit.

It was December 18th at about 8PM I got in the car and immediately began to panic. My fiancé who already knew I was panicking before we left is very good natured and mentioned how we had discovered that I knew Filomena's son (back in school) and that there was nothing to worry about since we would just use the deposit for the dress as agreed upon if we changed our mind and that they seemed to be nice people. We went to dinner and, I worried about it throughout dinner. I figured it couldn't be that bad and they did seem like nice people but I wanted to make sure all the details were in place and that there was no confusion weeks before the wedding. I was determined to have a stress free wedding day. We got home at about 10PM and I immediately got on the computer and composed a 4 page email detailing exactly what had discussed with Filomena and requested that they draw up the contract with the proper details and to do it on the computer so that it was legible. I explained that I needed to keep track of details and to please notify me if there were any discrepancies at all. He called me back the next day at 7PM and left a message saying that all the details I mentioned in the email were “relatively the same", except that they did not quote me on the bouquets and grooms flowers. I was fine with that, there were a lot of information and I overlooked the missed information and requested a re-quote. He said he would send me a computer copy later on that week.

On the 23rd he sent me two points on the description of the limo service, same thing with the photographer and cake and four points on the decorations and flowers (I had sent him 4 pages of details) This was very vague. Items were missing in all areas, start and end times of the limo, ect. I called Karl Usmani and told him that there was missing information, he ensured me again that all the things I was mentioning was included. I told him I needed it on paper and it would not take long to cut and paste my details onto their quote/invoice documents since it was all done in word. He said he could not quote me on what I was putting in there because the centrepieces I wanted were over $150 a piece and he did not know exactly what I wanted. I was absolutely furious; he had just admitted to me that he had no idea what he quoted me for and what service I was to receive. I had put my money down for nothing. I asked him to cancel the deposit for the time being since we could not come to an agreement. He said that I could come in to discuss it. I asked him to cancel immediately and that I will sign and put down another deposit if we can come to an agreement at our next meeting. He refused. I told that I was not comfortable leaving my deposit with him and I will still consider doing business with him if he can meet my requirements. He told me not to push it or else I, “would lose on both sides". I continued my request and he told me that he did not want to do business with me and that this was not a $100, 000 wedding and it was not worth this headache I was giving him. I told him if you don't want to do business with me that he should give me back my deposit. He still refused.

I asked him what logic was behind refusing the service but keeping deposit. I was extremely stressed and upset. I told him I planned to get my hair and makeup done there as well as get a dress there and that I wanted my deposit to go towards those items. He refused again. I tried negotiating with him. There were two portions of the contract. One was for the limo, photographer and cake. This portion required less details for the services than the decorations and flowers so I told him that I will take that first contract but would not take the second contract (decorations & flowers) since it was not finalized. He refused again and said that I had to take both packages. I was beyond furious. I was lied to and had tried to work with him and he wouldn't even try to be reasonable. I told him I wanted the contract cancelled and that I would be contacting my credit card company. He told me to talk to a lawyer.

An hour of phone conversation with Karl and close to whipping the phone at the wall I finally gave the phone over to my fiance. After another half an hour and some negotiation (My fiancé agreed to come into the store on December 31st to discuss the details of the contract/wedding) Karl said he would refund our deposit. We asked for a time. He said it would be done by December 24th at 4:30 PM.

My fiancé was hopeful, I was doubtful and I was right. We called to speak with him 4 times on the 24th. He wasn't in the first time, second time he was busy so we said we would call back, third time he said he would call us back which was at 2:15PM. We did not hear back from him so we called him at 4:15PM.

We reached Filomena, she told me Karl had already left. She said she knew nothing of my troubles even though she told me she was the one that answered the emails. She said Karl would be back at six to pick her up. I asked her if she could put the credit through, she told me that Karl would have to do that and that he was being very nice because they do not issue credits. I asked her to have Karl call me back.

Karl called me back at about 5:30PM to tell me that he would not be putting the deposit through and that he did not say that he would put the credit through. I was in midsentence when he said goodbye and hung up on me. That is the last time I have spoke with him.

According to the Consumer Protection Act 2002, I fall under the 10 day cooling period and have sent him a cancellation letter via fax and email PDF as of December 25th.
I have contacted all the brides on the that have put in complaints about Global Wedding. I am waiting their replies. We have 6 women that are willing to be part of a Class Action Lawsuit. We are waiting for 4 more that are willing to participate

Karl Usmani/Carl Manning and Filomena have ran similar businesses Canadian Bridal, National Bridal and now Global Wedding & Events in Mississauga. All have numerous complaints and poor reports from the Better Business Bureau


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    The Ministry of Consumer Protection needs witnesses. Please contact myself or Duncan Newport

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