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Global Vantage / Daily phone calls, people harassment

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For nearly 60 days I have received daily phone calls asking for someone who has never resided at my address. They seem to think it's a neighbor in my building and have been harassing me to locate them. When I inform them they have the wrong number and that I have no further information about the person they are seeking they promise I will not be called again but the harassment continues the next day. I've spoken to managers and various account people and upon threat of legal action they all swear I will not be contacted again. But the next day I get another call and they again pressure me for personal information and harass me to locate someone who is unknown to me. It's getting absurd. From the accents they are clearly located overseas and can continue their harassment. Clearly the person they are seeking owes them money. This is classic harassment and the worst part of it is, I have never had anything to do with this company. I've started recording phone calls and plan to take what action I can.

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  • Di
      11th of Jul, 2008
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    I've had similar problem with "Global Vantage" or "Global Advantage"? They have been calling every day, sometimes twice for about 2.5 months. Everytime I ask them to send me something in writing about a balance they say I have with JC Penney. I've not used a JC Penney card for at least 4 years and previous credit reports have not shown any balance owed since before 2006. They want info from me, but won't give me any in order to resolve whatever? I've asked them repeatedly to stop calling and put it in writing. They are rude and pushy. I had never received any previous calls or notices about any such balance from JC Penney or any entity representing them. It's absurd that you can have a clean credit report for over 35 years and all of a sudden some foreign collection agency can screw it up because they bought out someone else's bad debt (I guess). I'd rather be harrassed by the original company if there is indeed a balance ever due and particularly by someone who speaks good English and is a citizien of the country I live in!!

  • Qw
      6th of Sep, 2008
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  • He
      10th of Nov, 2008
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    Global Vantage - receiving threats
    site 174 Rivermouth Caravan Park
    Western Australia
    Phone: 0899642285

    They keep ringing my sister and claiming she owes money to AGC, who no longer exist.
    She asked then to send her something for proof that she could check out as she knows of no such debt.
    After phone calls which the taped with out her permission she had another stroke and her health is not good.
    I am staying at her place and today received a phone call that was totally nasty. Then on ringing back the chap I spoke to also treated action kept on about me not telling him when my sister would be home.
    He does not speak English well and was hard to understand.
    What can I do to stop this as Tricia cannot take any more pressure?

  • He
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    Global Vantage - Harrassment
    Global Vantage
    Phone: 0400012982

    I have recieved a phone call today from a Dennis Matthew stating he works for a company called Global Vantage. I have never heard of this company.

    He wanted to talk to my mother of whom has never lived at this address and not gone by the surname he used for over 8 years.

    Yet he had my address my mobile (12 months old). Non of it made sense and i refused to give out my mother location and phone numbers. I asked him to send out a letter and i would forward it on. He became aggressive and pushy. I told him i would report this and he started yelling down the phone at me in an asian/american combined accent.

    I have since spoken to my mother and she has never heard of them. Who are these people? and how dare they ring and harrass.

    This is his number 1300 368 012

  • Mi
      20th of Apr, 2009
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    I have been receiving collection calls on my cell phone from people with a foreign accent (sounds like from India). They are pushy and insist on me settling NOW an account for a credit card that they received supposedly in January. I said I don't know who you are or who the original vendor is so please mail something. They say that it was mailed in January. I said NO it wasn't and I refuse to make payment arraignments with someone I haven't heard of or don't even know if it is a legit debt. They said if I settle NOW I will only have to pay 40% of the original $758.67 debt and if I don't the debt could go up to $1000.00. I again tell them, mail me something so I can see exactly what the debt is, which I would definitely want to get off my credit if I do indeed owe it.

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