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5320 College Blvd.Leawood, KS, United States Review updated:
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On August 8, 2007, I received a postcard stating that I had been selected to receive "Two Roundtrip Airfares to Anywhere in the U.S." and "3 days, 2 nights at a hotel", and that I should call [protected] for details.

On August 9, 2007, I called that number and spoke with a man who identified himself as Patrick McKinna. He stated that I would receive a complimentary gift of 2 round trip airfares from the nearest international airport to my home to any major city with an international airport in the US, Mexico, or Canada, plus 3 days, 2 nights hotel accommodations for 2 at a business class chain hotel. He said that all my wife and I needed to do to get this gift was to attend a 90-minute advertising presentation by Global Services Network in Columbia, MD. He said that I would have no obligation to use the company or to buy anything.

The address he gave for the presentation was:

Global Services Network

9710 Patuxent Woods Dr., Suite B

Columbia, MD 21046

I asked him what conditions or restrictions, if any, there were on the award travel. He replied, "You would be responsible for hotel and airline taxes."

I asked for any other travel restrictions that he hadn't mentioned. He replied, "You can not travel on holidays, and you must give at least 30 days notice prior to travel."

I asked whether we get to pick the travel dates, he said "Yeah, I think so. They are a travel company, and they want you to take the vacation so that you can see what they have to offer.".

I agreed to attend the presentation.

On August 12th, my wife and I fulfilled our end of the agreement by attending the Global Services presentation in Columbia, MD. After the presentation, Global Services tried to give us a "Vacation Extravaganza" certificate from "Worldwide Travel Center" in Deerfield Beach, FL. The certificate had many additional conditions not in the original agreement (made over the phone), such as:

- we had to put down a $100 deposit, to be returned if and after we completed the travel,

- we could only travel on a Tuesday,

- we had to submit 3 sets of possible travel dates separated by at least 30 days, from which they would select one set for our travel

- we could not travel within 7 days before or after a holiday

- they could change the terms and conditions at any time without notice

- accommodations were subject to their availability

- accommodations might be a "motel"

We refused to accept that certificate, pointing out that it did not meet the terms of our existing agreement. They noted our refusal, but didn't do anything about it. They informed us that the telephone call in which the existing agreement was formed had been recorded, and that we could complain to the Global Services headquarters if we wanted to.

On August 13th, I called the Global Services headquarters at [protected] to complain about the bait and switch. I spoke with a man who identified himself as "Ryan". He took full details of my complaint, and promised to have someone call me back.

On August 20th, I had received no return call from Global Services as promised, so I called Global back at the same number. I spoke with a female who identified herself as Brittney. She saw in her records that I had complained on August 13th, but said that she did not see why they should call me back because, in her words, "we don't owe you anything." She stated that since I don't have their alleged promise in writing, I don't have any grounds for complaint. I explained that an oral promise is still legally binding, and that anyway they had recorded the call. She replied that she still didn't see why they owe me anything. I told them that I would file a case with the Better Business Bureau, and see what they (the BBB people) think. She told me to wait one more week and they might call me back. I waited another week and a half, and they never called me back.

I filed a case with the Better Business Bureau. Global responded by admitting that they had a recording of the phone call in question and offering to give me a copy. When I said, "Yes, please give me a copy. It will prove my case." they refused to provide it. They said that they listened to the recording and that they don't owe me anything because:

1. There was no "meeting of the minds" on the phone, so there could be no legal contract.

2. There was no written agreement, so it could not be legally binding.

3. The "Worldwide Travel" certificate's terms and conditions were consistent with what I was promised on the phone.

The Better Business Bureau, over my repeated objections, closed the case and marked it as "Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to the BBB." (I have written to the BBB on three separate occasions notifying them that the matter is not resolved. The first time, they re-opened the case, then closed it a couple months later. The next two times, they ignored me. So much for the BBB being an impartial arbiter.)

On October 17, 2007, I filed a case against Global Services, Inc. in the Small Claims Division of the General District Court of Fairfax, VA.

On December 7, 2007, the case went to trial. A non-lawyer employee of Global showed up to represent Global. I presented a chronology of the relevant events to the judge, and cited the following legal causes of action:

- Breach of Contract

- Violation of several sections of VA's Consumer Protection Act:

- 59.1-200(2) (Global's initial postcard to me was made to look like it came from Delta Airlines, even though Delta had nothing to do with it.)

- 59.1-200(3)

- 59.1-200(8)

- Violation of several sections of VA's Prizes and Gifts Act:

- 59.1-417(A)

- 59.1-417(C)

For damages, I cited:

- the travel certificate's own statement that the certificate is worth up to $3, 000.

- the cost for round trip airfare and 2 nights hotel for two to/at a place of my chosing on dates of my choosing was $2, 800 (not including taxes) based on the lowest price quoted by Travelocity.com

- the VA code provides statutory damages of $1, 000 for intentional violation of 59.1-200(2)

The defense made the same argument as before:

We owe the plaintiff nothing because:

- There was no meeting of the minds

- The contract was not in writing.

The judge ruled that Global had, indeed, breached its contract with me and had violated Virginia's statutory law. The judge then awarded me $1, 000 (statutory damages) for Global's intentional violation of VA's Consumer Protection Act.

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  27th of Jan, 2011
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My friend and I had exactly the same experience. The postcard had the Southwest Airlines logo, but later we found that they had nothing to do with the company. We listened to their sales pitch and like almost everyone there we purchased the package. We had to pay $29 to get the "free" certificates for the "free" trip to Las Vegas, but instead of tickets we got a brochure which asked for more money for the taxes and fees ($150 up front and it is nonrefundable), but very few days were available for travel. This required that we respond within 21 days and give two choices of the limited travel dates and they could change the dates. Of the 52 weeks in a year there were only 24 travel times available and the first choice had to be earlier on the calendar than the second choice. I determined that it was a scam and that I was not going to waste more non-refundable money on it. So far I have submitted several vouchers (receipts that show that what I purchased was less expensive than what they could find) and they paid me $60 one time and ignored the rest. It appears that I can expect no more for my investment of $3, 000. They have not done anything that they said they would. It also seems that their entire operation other than sales consists of only a handful of people researching. They can find no better tickets than Travelocity or cheap tickets or such. I suspect that their "contracts" with the hundreds of companies that they boast is is no more than any of us have to buy online with any company. I went to Washington DC in October and asked for some quotes for the plane and lodging. They require that we research the tickets first, and when I saw that the prices were going up I went ahead and reserved my place. They then told me that there was impossible to get the price that I got for my hotel. (Their price was nearly double what I got). But since I went ahead and reserved my ticket, it appears that they will not even send me the $25 from the air check ticket. This company is a SCAM. I would love to find others who would go together for a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT.
  28th of Feb, 2011
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Global Services - incomplete info
United States

My wife and I recently attended a Global Services Network seminar in response to a mailer offering free airline tickets anywhere CONUS or Las Vegas + free dinner at a Darden resturant. It was pretty close to what I expected - a fast-talking carnival barker who gave you no time to ask questions. Some background on myself. I am a retired analyst who also worked several years in logistics. I question evevrytyhing by nature. Now, the only thing that seemed the least bit interesting to us were the travel offers and it appears that most posters here joined for that reason. However, If I had the time I wanted to question the great deals on goods such as major appliances, home furnisings, cars, building products(including installation). Let me tell you folks, if you expect a major appliance to come to your door at the price this guy barked you better do some research. I know something about shipping and I can tell you that the guys right to a degree. You probably can get a decent price including shipping and no taxes. But he didn't mentioned any other up-charges that may be applied. I'm not really convinced that these great prices are valid anyway but consider this. First, big items don't show up on the UPS or FEDEX truck to your door. This is freight. Next, what if the item is damaged or not exactly what you ordered? That's when the fun starts. The delivery guy has done his part. The ball is in your court. Then what if you have a problem a few months down the road. Yep, you got a good warranty. And if it's an appliance and you live near a major metropolitan area there MAY be a warranty service center near by. And I know warranty guys go just about anywhere but what if it needs replacing. Where's your receipt? Oh, you don't have one. You have an invoice. So you'll have to hook up with Global to get it repaired, returned, or replaced. As far as building products and installation goes I'll never rely on a company to pick an installer for me. I've been down that road and it'll never happen again. Then there's the great deal on cars. I'd really like someone to respond who's bought a car through Global. To tidy up, this may be good for travel but it'd take me a while to recover my $6000 membership fee. Not for me.
  26th of Apr, 2011
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I made a the purchase in March of 2008 and receive the free Red Lobster gift car and the free airfare pitch. What I did not know that it was a line of credit and scam. I've been trying to find others who had experience the same experience of False or misleading representations. Even in my case breach of contract . I've tried to cancel service within 30days and they would not give back my deposit refund of 360.00 nor stop the automatic draft. So when I felt like I was stuck even knowing they was a scam I attempt to use their service and was not able to use due to false information. So I had to change my account just to prevent them from drafting out my account. Which then reported on my credit as a mortgage as if I took out a mortgage. I would have never even attend the presentation if I knew it was a line of credit loan. I found out thur a mortgage company. I was highly upset and tried to do all that I can to resolve this matter. However I'm still trying to fight it due to the damage this company has done to my credit. The stress I have and still dealing with as of today. I do believe it is a law suit and I've try to avoid that route but they still not trying to cancel my contract and still reporting negative on my credit.
  19th of Jun, 2012
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We also attended a Global Services sales pitch with a free cruise offer. It was a high pressure sales pitch and we did join - LESSON LEARNED. A total and complete WASTE of time and money. We did manage to take two vacations that first year, but they had limited options for locations, we're extremely difficult and unprofessional to deal with. Their "Great Offer" to be able to buy products at wholesale prices is a rip-off. You submit a price request and you'll get a reply - we don't supply that specific item or Go to www...website and find a similar item. Their website has higher prices than Lowe's or Home Depot!!!

Don't waste your time and money by even bothering to attend their meetings!

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