Global Ocean Freight, Inc.Overcharges & Insurance Claim

On 10/29/07 we paid Global Ocean Freight (GOF) $8, 394. USD to move our household goods (HG) from San Francisco, CA, USA to Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Our shipment was delayed a month, loading Oakland, CA 12/01/07.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Plantation, FLIt arrived at the transit point Manzanillo, Mexico 12/15/07, where GOF's agent Atlas Van Lines Mexicana (AVL)assumed responsibility for clearing customs, and transporting our HG overland to Zihuatamejo. By holding my HG ransom in Manzanillo for 2 months, GOF/AVL charged us $139, 399.09 pesos which they insisted be paid in advance to have our HG delivered 2/18/08.
Due to entensive theft, and damage, we submitted an insurance claim in accordance with GOF's instruction 3/14/08 for $4, 565.27. We continue to wait for settlement.


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