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Well I got an email so I called the number and it was a forenger and said that they had me in the system and all I had to do is deposit the check into my account. But I was asking questions and he could not answer all of them.

I told him that I looked the web site up on the internet and told him that there has been a scam going on and that the story's were just like mine. He said yes people have been using our name and scamming people but i still know that this is a scam. I would like to know if anything is going to get done about this?? I still have the check and I am not doing anything with it. I definately ain't going to put it into my account I am not that stupid. I just don't see how they get away with doing this to people.

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  • Sh
      Jan 03, 2009
    Global Net Panel - Unauthorized billing
    Global Net Panel
    United States

    Received letter today. No return address. It was mailed from canada. Check enclosed for $2975.00. Said I was chosen to participate in a survey. I am to deposit in my bank account and then withdrawal all but 300.00 and go to money gram and send it out.

    Then I was to complete this survey form. The letter is signed by Daniel Strauss. There is a 1-800 number I am suppose to call to let him know I received the check.

    I will hold on to the letter and check and see if the police would like to get involved. I ain't stupid, I won't be depositing this check.

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  • Di
      Jan 17, 2009

    I would agree on this same problem, I talked with Mr. Strauss and I told him that i deposited the check and the next thing was the money no longer available in my mother's account they said the check had bounced. So now that I work for the police and court agencies, I will be pressing charges on this company. They will be no longer be able to cash checks and mess up people's accounts. I will make sure my mother's account will get funded back from what was taken. I will be prosecuting to fulliest. They will not be getting away with this.

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