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global mobile promotion / message on cell that i won 32000 pounds

1 South Africa Review updated:

i have been sent a message by global mobile promotion that my cellphone no won me a 32000 pounds prize with a ref no and to claim my prize i must contact agent greg spencer on a cell no from 8-30 to 5-30pm. so i contacted him, he told me to send him via cell message, my e-mail address, cell no, id no, ref no and he contacted the london branch and a MRS LES WHITEHEAD VERIFICATION DIRECTOR FROM LONDON UNITED KINGDOM sent me a cell message AND AN E-MAIL that my prize has been confirmed and is due for realease, and is ready for a transfer into my acc. so i contacted mr greg spencer in south africa and he recommended that i buy a telkom voucher for R200 and i should send the recharge pin no to him. so i did what he told me to do. thereafter i received a cell message an e-mail FROM MRS LES WHITEHEAD with a document from BARCLAYS BANK stating the amount of R32000 pounds that i won and that i must send them my bank details. so i proceeded. he phoned me to tell me that my prize has been realeased and it will passes on to the acc no which i provided to them, but i told him that is no monies in that acc.lastly i received an e-mail and a cell message stating that i need to pay a certain amont in to a account for the bank charges and transfer duties, and he will need my fax no to send me the details into the acc the monies must be deposited and thereafter i must fax through to him the deposit slip and the monies will be realeased into my acc, so he fax the details to me and he phoned me after faxing and asking me that i received the fax and to proceed to deposit the monies into the acc but i told him that i have a brother who is a criminal lawyer and he(my brother) is looking into this matter because is to good to be true, and he put his phone down. i did not deposit the monies into that acc.

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  • Li
      7th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    Thank you for sharing this story with the public, I have just received the same SMS and I was like this is not true. I called the number and the Guy by the name of Mr Fox RESPONDED the voice is Nigerian, already the voice means fraud once its a Nigerian its all that I know if you know what is happening out there. He asked me to send the details as indicated in the other story. I than Googled Mobile Promotion and reading that its fraud I decided no way I will not send my details at all. The guy even confirmed that I have worn. Please this must spread to worn the people

  • To
      19th of Mar, 2012
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    I have just received an SMS saying " Congratulations! Ur number was among the lucky winners onthe Global mobile yearly Promo, U won R175, 000, ticket NO: 019K Call MARIA MOKHO. This must be a scam.

    Even though there is RIKA, these scams still get through on the MTN service? That bugs me most.

  • Es
      6th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    I've also just received an sms from my cell saying "Congratulations! Your number was among the lucky winners on the Global mobile yearly Promo, You have won R175, 000...etc etc and to contact MARIA MOKHO! I put a search on MARIA MOKHO and then I notice that her name was on the Complains board. Vodacom, MTM and the rest of the cell networks should not allow this to happen. Today I received a phone call from Lisa Khumalo, saying that I must deposit R3 800 for insurance cahtges and the money will be released. Please this must be a scam and something must be done to stop these people.

  • Tm
      8th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    Well i also just received an sms this morning stating that I've won.Its read like"congratulation! your mobile won R225, 000 in 2012 mobile global promo, REF no:066p for claim call mr Eric on:0834367495 which i did call and he asked me to choose between two options of receiving the money, which was acc deposit or cheque.So i said i prefer cheque then he asked me to buy R150 and i must not put it into my cell, i must call him first so that he can unlock my reference.

  • Ch
      18th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    Hi Just received an sms saying congradulations your mobile number won R175000 in 2013 global mobile promotions, ref:no:011NYP, to claim my prize contact Mr Eric Martins on : 0784288860. I have just checked now to see if global mobile is having any promotions and i came across your complaints. I have tried to contact mr martins but the number is engaged and since reading your complaints i wont bother to try again as i have already once before had the same sms and when i contacted them they wanted bank details or maybe i would get a cheque and when i asked where they were they said in Cape Town, South Africa and when i said my husband is warrant officer in the police force and was stationed in Cape town and would collect my cheque on my behalf the man on the other end with a Nigerian accent put the phone down im my ear... watch out people times are hard and we all need money dont play into these scams dont give your banking details out especially if you have money in your accounts you will end with a zero balance...

  • On
      22nd of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    i received an sms this morning stating that my mobile number won R175.000 in 2013 global mobile promotions, ref no: 012 NYP, to claim the prize i called Mr Jact Owen on 0732676984. to my surprise this kind of calls should be recorded for security purposed, hello. i called mtn to veriry this info and more enquiries but they said there are no promotions at this stage. i called him again, he said that they are not dealing with MTN they are a global marketing company dealing with mobiles, situated in capetown. does this company have a landline? now i shoud go buy R80.00 MTN airtime and recharge it on no other cellphone except mine to activate the i said i wanted it delivered by means of a cheque. lets see what happens after this.

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