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I would like to share with all of you a terrible customer experience I have had with Global Hello – a long distance calling service, and warn you against using them ever !<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I signed up to their service for USD 150 dollars after being pushed to make this purchase over numerous calls by their sales agent. When I made the purchase, I was told about all the supposedly wonderful benefits I had and was asked to make the purchase immediately on the phone as the offer was valid only that day. And thus, I signed up. Little did I know what was coming.Below are just a few of the examples of the torture I’ve been through after having signed up with them:

· The sales agents are pushy like hell. I would receive multiple calls on the same day and on all my possible numbers they had.If I didn’t answer the call as I was busy, they would continue to call until I answered. Every now and then they called with some offer and asked me to top up and when I refused, I was told “Please buy ma’m, I need to make my numbers for this month, so if you buy it will help my sales !!!”
· The agent would be extra friendly, bordering on being personal. After troubling me by calling multiple times, when I finally answered, they would spend the first few minutes asking personal questions and trying to make small talk and chit chat
· At first, I was given no access to track my calls and the rates I’m being charged on their website. After chasing them a few times, they finally sent me my login and when I logged in, I was shocked to see that I had been charged much more than I was told when I bought the service
· The call rates were different based on whether I called using their mobile app or my landline (and I was never informed of this difference in rates), and the charges and minutes didn’t tally. I was charged2.99 cents for calls which I was told will be charged at 2.49.
· I had to fight hard for my buck to get the value for what I had paid, and even while doing that, I would get multiple calls each time from a different dept, telling me that they are working on my issue and need to understand my complaint. I was tired of repeating the same informationto different parties all the time and had no clue who was actually working on my complaint.
· Finally, after a lot of back and forth, my sales agent gave me a few free minutes to make up for the difference (for which also he was suggesting at first that I do a minimum top up of USD 20 to be able to give me the free minutes. I refused saying why should I buy more talk time to get the value of the money I have already spent, so he finally agreed to give me the minutes)
· I had just heaved a sigh of relief that the issue was resolved, and to my surprise, my connection stopped working in about10 days time after that !
· When I called the customer service, they said that my account had been deactivated as I hadn’t topped up in 6 months ! Again, no one had ever told me once that the validity of the package was 6 months and that I need to top up after that. My agent hadn’t told me when I bought and even when I had multiple calls with them last few days resolving my call rate issue, not once did anyone mention that the package had an expiry date.
· The person I was dealing with on this issue was extremely rude and uncooperative. He refused to understand my side of the situation and take responsibility for the fact that the agent had lied to me and not disclosed all the T&C of the purchase to me when making the purchase. He actually said that “agents say anything to make a sale, so I should not trust them, and it is my fault if I trusted an agent on the phone and did not validate the T&C on the website”
· I was so frustrated fighting tooth and nail for these issues (which never seemed to end) that I gave up on their service.

Overall, it was a horrible experience for me, and I feel I was cheated and lied to. As a seller, I think their primary responsibility is to be honest and transparent with their customers and disclose any caveats/T&Cs when they are making the sale and not hide them. However, none of that happened with me and as a result I was cheated and suffered a loss, not the mention all the stress fighting with them for my money.

I want to share this experience with all of you, so that you do not go through this terrible experience, and I would strongly suggest that you do not purchase Global Hello products ever !

May 27, 2014
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  • Ba
      Jan 12, 2015

    I WAS buy pre paid air time from global hello and paid $200.00 they was charge on my master card.and that time they told me your air time have no expired date good for ever. but six month later they phone you have to pay min $25.00 otherwise you can loose $195.00 you have balance on your account then I paid $25.00 . after three month later they have been charged on my account about 12 times without my permission about $500.00 on different dates . Be careful big time cheater I live in Canada BS KHIND

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  • In
      Aug 31, 2015

    I signed up about 2 years ago after I got many calls from one Rahul. He told me he had to make the sale to pay his exam fees at college so I agreed to buy a subscription for 120 euros. The app I downloaded was just useless and every time i complained, they told me my phone was the problem and the problem was never resolved.
    He told me he had a customer in Norway who would call me with Global Hello so I could check the sound quality of the service. Right after he hanged up, I got a call with no caller ID from a lady with a strong Indian accent. I answered in Norwegian and she did not understand a word as she was new in the country. I asked her where she lived and she said Oslo and she could not name a single street in Oslo and I suspect she was calling from India on a landline. I tried to get he to tell me more about Oslo but she insisted that she called only to prove the quality of GlobalHello.
    A while later this Rahul called me to say I had to top up for 25 euros but I had hardly called for 10 euros of the 120 euros I paid and I rejected his latest offer of 25 euros for 50 euros of call time. I called my bank and cancelled my card and got a new card.
    A few days later a lady called me to say that my CC was not valid and she wanted my new CC details so she could update my details in the system. By now I knew this was a scam and hung up.
    Meanwhile this Rahul kept calling me to help me with my problems. By that time I had gone tired of the whole service and deleted the app.
    The same lady called back again about a year ago to tell me that she was taking over customer service for Rahul who had been killed in a road accident and I told her I was not interested.
    As soon as she hung up, I called Rahul's mobile number in India and he answered and he again tried to sell me an extension.
    Today a Subramaniam/Chandran? from Global Hello called me and he would no take a no for a no and he would not let me speak while telling me about all that had been said about GlobalHello. After about 30 minutes of trying to be polite I hung up on him.
    He called again and I had to block him.
    This company must be shut down. Something interesting happened just after I gave them my CC details first time. The lady from my bank called me to ask if I had authorized a payment of 120 euros. Just this should have rang big bells in my head from the beginning.

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  • In
      Sep 06, 2015

    Yesterday I got a call again from from Subramaniam calling from yet another number, 859 85 48. I had already blocked +[protected]. He was begging me to buy a subscribtion and he offered me calls for 1/2! US cents a minute. Please sir, I promise you sir...I told him that I had 8 hours of free calls abroad a month from my provider but he did not seem to listen and he kept on saying what I had heard from Asha, Rahul and Neha and I just hung up on him and blocked the number.
    This is sounding like terror on the phone and I dont understand where Global Hello find their sales persons from, Nigeria?? They are certainly good at begging. This Subramaniam was kind enough to give me his mobile number +[protected] which he insisted I note down even though I told him I was not interested.
    I dont need cheap calls to India or elsewhere and Global Hello should educate their sales people to stop bothering and begging people.
    To all of you who have not heard from them, dont talk with them. Be rude and just hang up as that is the only language they understand.

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