Global Efficient Energy / Unethical behavior

1 Fort Worth, TX, United States
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I bought a Solar panel and foam insulation package back in August of 2015. I was promised that my energy bill would not be over $115 on the highest energy month with these panels. I was supposed to get my garage door insulated, my outlets insulated, etc. I got my foam insulation completed first. Since they have done this, one room seems to get most of the air/heat and the rest of the house suffers. They never did the garage or the outlets. After the panels FINALLY got turned on (5 months and many calls and emails later) there was a $30 decrease in my electric bill. I have called, emailed and talked to so many different people that have promised so many things and we still have had nothing done. Last person I had contact with said he was their legal consultant and that he could do things that the "reps" I had talked to in the past could not. He said the person that sold me my unit lied to customers, promised stuff, etc. etc. etc. Said he would look into things and get back to us. That was a month and a half ago. Now he is not returning emails. DO NOT buy your panels from this company. They are not reliable or at all ethical.

Jan 20, 2017

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