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Global Air Communications / Cell Phone Scam =(

1 2318 Senter RdSan Jose, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: Phone: (408) 286-6999

This store and many of its other branches such as the one in GRAND CENTURY MALL and OAKLAND are very popular cellphone stores to many vietnamese people. And yes they are also known as the SUPER SCAMs. Try to be aware of the person named LUU (the short guy with minimal hair) and the girls and basically anyone in those stores. Try to keep away from this store because I am used to be a customer at this store, and I had to spend tons of my hard earned money to recover my credit. They often use good nice phone to lure you and told you how great the contract is. But right after you signed the paper you are actually just singed a contract going to hell. Phone bills will come with an incredibly high and every time you came to complain they will tell you that the person who help you sign the contract is responsible for it not the store. That is very wrong and even though if you see that person you will not receive a truthful answer. And more than often you will have to pay for the bill in full. I lost more than $1000 and my credit messed up because of this store. First of all I had to spend so much money for the bills than I needed too and asked them to cancel the line. What they did was just put in in some other address where the bill never come and you think that it is already cancel. Eventully the dept that you don't even know about is going to credit collection and you will have to find out on your own deal with it. I knew many people and relatieves who got into troubles like this or even worst so I just post this to warn anyone before they want to open a cell phone line or else you gona get a mental scar for life becuase you know that someone is a scam and you can do nothing about it but just keep paying the money. Sadly most people who got scammed from them are very busy people who had no time to sue them or the old vietnamese people who doesn't know how to express their experience online like this. Ask around you will know at least one or 2 or more of your relatives got SCAMMED by this store. You will be amazed how many of them got SCAMMED by GLOBAL AIR COMMUNICATION MOBILE CELL PHONE SERVICE PROVIDER. SO FAR MOST OF MY RELATIVE GOT SCAMMED BY THIS SOTRE and EVEN THE DENTIST I WORK WITH GOT SCAMMED BY THIS STORE (HE also lost around $1000 also)

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  • To
      14th of Jul, 2009
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    Global Air Communications sold me 2 cell phone that broke after a month and both phone were unsupported in USA.
    This is a scam store

  • Ki
      14th of Dec, 2009
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    I must say that Global Air Connection located at Grand Century Mall cheated on me due to the below:

    When signing up for a Family Talk Plan, the person whose name is Luu, gave me a temporary number and he told me when I got the first bill from ATT, Global Air would pay for it. I brought the bill to him and he left a message saying that he did pay for it.

    However, I got a letter from the Debt Collector Department next month. I came to Global Air again and asked them why they did not pay, and one of a girl told me that I had to pay for the bill because Global Air did not responsible for it.

    I was so mad of being cheated, but had to pay the Debt Collector. After that, I called ATT and reported this problem, when they checked the temporary number; they found out that number came form someone else because the verification of the temporary number does not match with mine information. ATT did credit me back the amount of money due to the temporary number is not mine number.


  • Et
      11th of May, 2010
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    I got scammed for over $1000 too =/ I really hate this place. This store really brings down the vietnamese community.

  • Vu
      18th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    someone should investigate this store. This is not good for vietnamese community.

  • Ki
      26th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    *** Tiệm GLOBAL AIR COMMUNICATION lường gạt khách hàng ****
    ------------ --------- -----
    Watch this video regarding Global Air Communication phone store by CBS5.

    http://cbs5. com/video/ ?id=65319% 40kpix.dayport. com

  • Fr
      17th of Dec, 2010
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    May nguoi ma can dieng thoai moi, dung co di cho nay. Cho nay ho an giang minh. Neu muon lam contract voi cell phone thi di toi cho AT&T hay cho Sprint, hay cho Verizon. Ho lam viet dang hoang voi bao dam hon. Cho nay hong tot. Chuyen nay rat thiet. Ho loi dung may nguoi ma hong hieu tieng My. Vay khi ho lam chuyen tam bay, nguoi ma hong biet tieng My se hong lam chi duoc. May nguoi nay lu mang lam. Tieng viet cua toi hong co hay, hy vong ai ma doc cai review nay se hieu.

  • El
      16th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Unfortunately we had to find out the hard way about this store. we should have googled this store before signed up with them. they are THIEVES FOR ID THEFT. i'm going to all the frauds right now and putting ID theft on all my cards. They scammed over $11, 000 worth of items from Bestbuy account, for that we will go after them. they just [censored] with the wrong family. If you have additional info or want to join us suing them (check the CBS video on you tube about this store), email us at LHONGUYEN@YAHOO.COM

  • Jo
      13th of May, 2012
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    I agree, few year ago, I lost 1k dollars because they ask me to cheat on cell phone insurance company. They asked to open new phones and buy cell phone insurrance. They promised to pay cancel fee.They called for me to claim I lost the phone on the same day I opened 2 my phones. The phone worth 500.00$ for each. They told me to those phones back, so they could paid my cancel penalty, it is about 300$. Later on, I didnt feel right, so I paid for both phones plus penalty fee. I never want to come back again ever.

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