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On 10 Oct 2008, I ordered a "Studio 1535" laptop from Dell.

Having found it locally two days later for a cheaper price, I called to cancel the order [since Dell stated that it could take up to 30 days [!] for delivery.

Point: Dell's return policy requires that customers return items within 3 weeks [down from 4 weeks as previously required]
BUT the 3 week clock BEGINS AT THE MOMENT DELL RECEIVES THE ORDER, NOT FROM WHEN THE CUSTOMER SIGNS FOR IT AT THEIR DOOR. Therefore, it could easily take longer to deliver the item and negate the return period before the customer is allowed to return the item!

When I called to cancel the order, I was told that I must wait until delivery to arrive and then call to request an RMA number for a return.

Once again, I am in jeopardy of missing the 3 week deadline! Luckily, the box arrived on the 16th of October.

When I called Dell for the RMA number, I was informed that there would be a "Restocking Fee" of $135.00 [15% of the $900.80 purchase price]. !

Even though the box had NOT been opened or damaged the "Return Specialist" [Oh, brother!] stated that the laptop could not then be resold as "new".

Be serious! We all know that they WILL resell it as new.

He said that it couldn't be resold as new because the computer had been "personalize" for me.

I ordered no additional software or optional equipment. And trust me; the cover wasn't ENGRAVED!


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