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Gleaming white smile offers a trial period to try their teeth whitening product and then charge you a large sum whithout notice. They wait to ship you the product so that you only have a few days to cancel and even then they bill you. When you try to contact them to get your money refunded and return their product they just tell you too bad. It is the worst kind of internet fraud. Their product doesnt work either.

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  • Gl
      Jul 16, 2009

    I Think GLEAMING WHITE SMILE is totally the best whitening product ever... and they don't do that! just admit it you were too lazy to get up from your bed and call them in the trial period. I know so many people who ordered the product and they cancelled within the time given and they never got charged a single penny! And people READ EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU PLACE AN ORDER BECAUSE IT REALLY HELP>>>NOTHING's FREE IN THIS WORLD and if you think it's free then you're just plain STUPID!!!



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  • Sh
      Dec 07, 2009

    This company is fraudulent. I received two packs in September, tried one that didnt work so returned the second pack, since then I have been invoiced for 2 packs for the last 3 months, and I havn't even been in the country for 9 weeks.
    I cancelled the order way back but I am still being invoiced for the stuff on my credit card statement. No packs have arrived.
    I am now in contact with credit card company to try to recover my funds.
    How can this company be stopped??
    S.m hOLDEN

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  • Em
      Dec 10, 2009

    Same problem... Ordered a "Free" trial for just $4.95 shipping and handling... Then just received a bill for $88.90 for "EverBright Smiles Recurring Order" that I didn't authorize. Am stopping payment, today. Called and cancelled my subscription, and asked how to get my $88.90 back, and she said that I couldn't... and I couldn't return the product, when and if I receive it. TOTAL SCAM... and they change their names at will (EverBright Smiles,,, etc)

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  • Lo
      Dec 23, 2009

    Horrible experience with this company. I am an experienced internet shopper and I got SCAMMED big time. "Free" trial" and I let a whole month go by without balancing my checkbook because I was too busy. The next thing I know I was overdrawn because the 2nd month's charges were added. About $500 in total for a FREE trial. Nothing was ever authorized or ordered. My bank did not promise me that my claim would even get paid.

    Buyer BEWARE. This is about the worse I've seen personally. I wish there were laws to protect consumers against such fraud. The banker told me they actually get away with it because of some teeny tiny small print somewhere hard to find on their website. UNREAL!!

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