GLBT Books / Amazon Client misrepresenting nonprofit status

Please be advised of fraud. is an amazon site that misrepresents both Amazon and your client Robin Mathy [owner]. . is found on several sites including >>>>>>>

Fraud – this is not a non profit organization. Robin Mathy is advertising this site on several sites including the one listed above [that org is a non profit] as if GLBT Books is non profit suggesting a tax benefit. This does not meet IRS guidelines or any business ethics. Please remove or shut down her store asap. In fact Stonewall University in Oregon is not a registered business. See the Oregon Secretary of State site; you can verify this statement.

Building Stonewall University, one book at a time!
PFLAG Central Oregon is a proud supporter of GLBT Books, a nonprofit dedicated to raising funds to build Stonewall University. Amazon is giving GLBT Books a 4% to 8.5% commission on every product sold through their link, with all proceeds going to build Stonewall University. You can find out more and access the Amazon link at .

Also found on
She details her non profit status which does not exist. She is a registered business in oregon but is a profit center. Why is all of this a problem? Well, people are buying Amazon products through her site thinking there is a tax benefit.


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