Glassrack.netwrong parts sent, refused to refund payment

G Nov 26, 2017

I ordered a new window for my car on 10/17 from After having to remind them a few times to get my order together, they finally sent it out. It arrived on 10/27 (FedEx tracking # [protected]). I realized fairly quickly that it was the wrong part, it wouldn't fit in my car. I took it to a local mechanic who confirmed that it was the wrong part.

The website says that they welcome any returns within 90 days "no questions asked". On 11/03 I emailed them, told them I needed to return the part, and that I need a return label. The response I received asked why I needed to return the part. I called their store and spoke with Stan, who claims to be the manager. I explained the situation, read the part number over the phone, and confirmed that it was indeed the wrong part. He said they'd send me a return label shortly, and that I'd receive a full refund. After having to spend the next few days reminding them, via email and phone, to send me the return label, they finally did so on 11/07. On 11/08 I dropped the package off at FedEx, and Glassrack received the return on 11/13 (tracking # [protected]).

On 11/14 I emailed them to ask about my refund. They replied the same day that they would process it "as soon as possible" and "immediately". On 11/17 I emailed again, asking about my refund, and they responded with the same "as soon as possible" answer. I then called and spoke with Stan, who told me they'd process my refund "immediately". When I asked him to define "immediately" he told me "3-5 business days". I told him that 3-5 business days is very different from "immediately" and he hung up. I called again on 11/20 and spoke with Stan. He told me my refund hadn't been processed yet, that they needed to "deal with the bank" and that it would take 3-5 more business days. I called for the last time on 11/24. I was told by Stan that my refund still hadn't been processed that his shipping department had left for the day (it was 2pm on the West Coast). He then started yelling at me, becoming verbally abusive, then hung up. They keep moving the goalposts with my refund, I'm afraid I'll never receive it. Last night I opened a dispute with PayPal, I'lll see where that gets me.

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