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Glasses of Frame / cheating the customer

1 13059 Fair Lake Pkwy Fairfax, VA 22033Fairfax, VA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 703-631-6775

I purchased a pair of glass frame last night about 7 pm at Wal Mart Vision Center in Fairfax Virginia.
The sales person brought me a displayed frame.
She fixed the glasses so quick and she charges me the frame as full brand new price, then I paid by credit card.
Next day I found something wrong with my new pair of glasses of frame.
One side frame leg letters has been erased.
And one side joint bolt was up side down.
So, I went back to the store after work and I asked about it to the sales person.
I asked the sales person why did you sell republished one and charged me full brand new price, even though you didn't mention about that’s the republished one.
Then she called the store manager, I explained about what the sales person did to me.
She said, what’s wrong with it, that the frame is brand new frame she just change the new one.
The manager said, that’s the normal situation, they are doing all the time, she said they didn’t do wrong at all.
I don’t think that is normal and that is not right things to do.
Then she just left from me alone, didn’t even try to listen my complaining anymore.
That's the manager makes me get an angry.
So I want their apology because I was very upset about what she did me. I told the manager “I want your apology. Don’t you know this is wrong and cheating?"
She just says, I don’t understand what you say, than she ignored me.
The manager doesn’t have willing to apology to me. If the manager apology to me and change the new frame, I just would accept and get along, but I’m so mad about what manager did to me.
That’s why I put on my story.
Please give a good advice what should I do.

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