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I have decided not to approach Glass Clinic any more for giving any order. I was so nice to Glass Clinic calling and asking to send their guys to my premises to take to the measurements. Glass Clinic never sent their guys to my premises to take the measurements. My security would have called me in the case they were arrived.

Glass Clinic is completely unprofessional and unethical to their clients. I phoned Glass Clinic so many times after wasting so much of money and my time. Glass Clinic always mentioned that Glass Clinic is sending their staff tomorrow, Wednesday and Fridays etc…. Glass Clinic played a big game with me and ill-treated me as client.

I was always willing to get my work done smoothly so I phoned and waited for you for so many days. Glass Clinic would had just told me Glass Clinic cannot do as Glass Clinic is busy with some other clients or work, I wouldn't mind going to other glass agencies. One of the glass agency told me that & appreciate that honesty.

Now Glass Clinic had exceeded the limit. Today at last Glass Clinic told me that you are going to send me the e-mail to confirm the appointment. But I received an email from Glass Clinic, telling me that Glass Clinic don't want to do business with me anymore. This shows how bad personality and how bad Glass Clinic is treating their clients in business.

I am completely dissatisfied and I would like raise a request to Ombudsman/Consumer court as I am not happy at all with the bad promises, consumer acts violation from Glass Clinic.

Refund required for my phone calls and time & efforts. I just want this should not happen to any other consumers and it is so frustrating.

Nov 09, 2016
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