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I purchased on Chihuahua, on May 27t from a local breeder in Boonville, IN her name is Terri Holt, she lives in Boonville, IN she breedes Chihuahua, Yorkies, Hairless dogs, Pot belly pigs and I even saw pictures of excotic animal on her web site, I had my puppy for 5 days before he started being sick, he weigh 1 pound 4 oz it started with Dihrrea, and then he quite eating, I called her and she told me to take him in to the Banfeild Hosptial, I did, he was check for Parvo and Guardia, he tested positive for both, the following day I he got worse, I took him back in to Banfeild hospital, they started subc IV Fluids, when I called her and told her the puppy tested positive for Parvo and Gardia she told me they was no way, as provo has an inubation period of 7 to 14 days, so the puppy was not in my care at that time he was in her care, I called her again and asked her to produce his litter mate to see if he to would test positive for Prov and Gardia, but she did not, she said she had six litters at her home, and my puppy litter mate was not sick, and he was in with all her other puppys, I though that was crazy since she was called also from Banfeild vet hospt to tell her about the positive result, Today I had to take my puppy, in the emergency care hospital, where he was given and IV for Hyppo and then we had to take him into the vet we chose our own vet this time, due to many things all occurring at once, altogether this has cost well over 1000 and I am still not done, while at my own vet he told me the puppy is not 9 weeks old the oldest he could be would 6 weeks, this say a lot about her as breeder and her reputation, I also found out she had been in trouble in warrick and Gibson county for selling sick dogs, animal control came to her home, and found dead animal every where, BE AWARE SHE IS SELLING MICO CHIHUAHUA ON LINE MOSTLY OUT OF STATE, she has been turned in and hopefully someone can stop her from breeding sick animals and not given them proper care. selling them before they are even old enough to go. she lied on all paperwork on the dog, at this time, with his weight and his illness he cannot be given any vacines. All buyers beware of this woman do your investigation work, as I thought I had done mine, but as you can see this was not the case.

Jun 04, 2013

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  • Ri
      Jun 04, 2013

    Bai Sandra Sinsuat Ampatuan Sema frozen money
    Some members of the Ampatuan clan and a family-controlled firm failed to have their bank accounts and assets unfreezed.

    The Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) through the Office of the Solicitor General asked yesterday the Court of Appeals (CA) to dismiss the petitions to lift the 20-day freeze order.

    The petitions were filed by Cotabato City Rep. Bai Sandra Sinsuat Ampatuan Sema, Bai Monadja Ampatuan Abdullah, Soraida Biruar Ampatuan, the Ampatuan-owned Maguindanao Electric Cooperative (Magelco), and a certain Dr. Tahir Sulaik.

    Sema asked the CA to spare her from the freeze order, claiming she is not related to Andal Ampatuan Sr.

    However, the AMLC said Sinsuat’s motion would not justify the lifting of the freeze order against her bank accounts.

    Sema did not indicate that she served as education undersecretary before becoming a lawmaker in 2010, the AMLC added.

    Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1
    Documents, including the Annual Audit Report on ARMM [Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao], showed large amounts of unliquidated funds on the part of the DepEd-ARMM, the AMLC said.

    Abdullah claimed that her money in the bank came from dry goods and wedding gowns businesses in Maguindanao and Cotabato City.

    However, the AMLC found out through confidential information that “she was associated with Delia Saqueton Sumail and Datu Andal Ampatuan Sr.”

    “Nevertheless, she cannot justify the source of P4.067 million which she deposited in a BDO account in February 2009 and withdrawn on the same date and was transferred to a different account number, ” the AMLC said.

    MAGELCO said it did not receive any investments from any private person or public officer because it is a non-stock, non-profit, non-partisan entity.

    However, the AMLC questioned why MAGELCO had six bank accounts with transactions amounting to P500, 000, P15 million, and P30 million.

    “It is highly inconceivable that a non-profit, non-stock, non-partisan entity and a cooperative supervised by the NEA [National

    Electrification Administration] would transact money in an amount as high as P30 million in a single deposit transaction, ” the AMLC said.

    “The transactions of MAGELCO are clearly not commensurate with its purported actual income, ” said the council.

    The AMLC also sought to block the petition of Sulaik, who said he was mistaken for a certain Michael Ampatuan Sulaik.

    However, the AMLC said Sulaik was a Department of Health employee in the ARMM before Rizaldy Ampatuan was suspended as ARMM governor after the Maguindanao massacre.

    “A Commission on Audit report for ARMM in 2008 show that DOH-ARMM had an outstanding P380, 000 unliquidated travel expenses, ” AMLC said.

    Soraida Biruar Ampatuan, widow of mayor Datu Saudi Ampatuan Sr., said her money was only sourced from the benefits she received after her husband’s death.

    However, the AMLC said she was DSWD-ARMM secretary during the term of Zaldy Ampatuan as ARMM governor.

    “Based on the COA annual audit report for the ARMM in 2008, the DSWD had unliquidated travel expenses of more than P819, 000. Records show that she has four bank accounts, two of which are active, withdrawals amounting to P9 million and deposits amounting to P11 million are deemed suspicious, ” the AMLC said

    Widow’s testimony doubted

    A widow of a Maguindanao massacre victim’s intention to testify in court has been placed in doubt.

    A defense lawyer insinuated some people are behind her appearance in court after cross-examining her yesterday.

    However, the prosecution hit the defense’s line of questioning as insensitive.

    Lawyer Paris Real’s line of questioning centered on the financial capability of Gloria Teodoro, 41, to fly to Manila from her home in Tacurong City in Sultan Kudarat province.

    Real repeatedly asked Teodoro, wife of Andres Teodoro of Central Mindanao Inquirer, if she could peg how much she’s earning monthly, despite the widow’s insistence that she could not provide an estimate.

    “My earnings vary on the payment my clients would give me so it’s very difficult to provide an estimate, ” said Teodoro.

    She has been working as a masseuse in her neighborhood since her husband was killed almost two years ago.

    Teodoro later relented and answered that she is receiving less than P5, 000 monthly.

    The lawyer demanded to know who supports her whenever she flies to Manila and how much was her allowance, prompting the prosecution to ask the relevance of his questions.

    “It could be your honor that there are some people who are helping her not just financially but also in her choosing to come here because her coming over is not pursuant to a subpoena, ” Real said addressing presiding Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes of Quezon City Court Branch 221.

    The prosecution argued that Teodoro does not need to be persuaded to come to the trial in Metro Manila.

    “She is a family (member) of the victim, ” the prosecution said. The prosecution said Real’s questions are “irrelevant, ” to which Solis-Reyes agreed.

    Prosecutor Peter Medalle said it was just insensitive to insinuate that Teodoro’s presence in court was “motivated not by the legitimate grief she is experiencing.” – With Aie Balagtas See

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  • Is
      Sep 13, 2013

    Funny when you look this person complaining... at her complaints, she is a cat breeder and dog breeder with problems, "Not a Nice person" to work with.
    Banfield testifies the breeder being a good breeder, and said the breeder... Glam Puppies offered her another puppy, and also offered her to have the puppy seen by AND treated by a vet at her own cost. You can call Banfeild and her local shelter about that. AS complained, the local shelter did do a health check up to find that all dogs have proper vet paperwork and all in good health, NO SICK PUPPIES. They researched into the complaint, and nothing could be done, when the owner refused to have breeder pay for the treatment.

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  • Gr
      Sep 25, 2013

    I know Terri, my self and I know that she doesn't sell puppies before they are 8 wks old. No exceptions. She would not knowingly sell a sick pup to some one. She is a good breeder and loves her animals and keeps them clean and is up to standards with the laws. If she offered to help the buyer out and it was not accepted, that is not Terri's fault. Banfield backed her up, Terri, . I believe that they won't lie.

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  • Gl
      Mar 04, 2015

    This should be closed account, by calling the local shelter who DID listen to this ladies complaint, they did a wellness check, and confirmed that all dogs and any puppies on site were healthy, and all vet paperwork was in order, and accrute. And also confirmed, that however the puppy had gotten sick, the breeder offered another puppy, and the owners refused to give back the sick puppy, so breeder offered 2 veterinarians that she would pay all costs to treat the sick puppy, and the owners refused that as well. Nothing
    So how is this person or any person allowed to make completely false accusations? The breeder has NEVER been "turned" in or been "charged" with anything for breeding, or the care of her animals.She has been inspected and approved through AKC, and local animal control.
    Everything this person is saying is complete lies, and it shouldn't be allowed.

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  • Ch
      Mar 02, 2016

    Beware of Terri Holt Booneville Indiana selling high priced yorkie and chihuahuas. Call Warrick animal control and her local animal control..they will tell you puppy mill horrid conditions sick dying dogs they have had complaints multiple years about her. Removed a horse found dogs malnourished dead and she sold dogs with parvo Beware do your research...

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  • Ch
      Mar 02, 2016


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  • Ch
      Mar 02, 2016

    Puppy mill

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  • Ch
      Mar 02, 2016


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  • Ms
      Mar 02, 2016

    This woman, I won't call her Lady, is off of her rocker. She dug back as far as 5 yrs, to bad mouth Glam pups. she is not telling straight stories. She is adding her own embellishments to make things sound bad.She is not telling the truth. She is harassing Glam pups 20 times a day. Her money was full returned to her and she is still carrying on. She would not give seller her name, phone has been from phone in Calif, New Hampshire numbers? I do believe that, this is a set up. The complaints made against Terri Holt were from an elderly, mental deficient woman, that is a neighbor. All complaints have to be followed up, No fines, no tickets,

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  • Ms
      Mar 02, 2016

    This Christine is still harassing Terri. She has called the police, and filed a report. Terri has done nothing to this woman. She is just going on 5 yrs pass reports that were proven unfounded. Nothing has been done to Christine. Why is she trying to ruin Terri's life and love of her animals. I bet that she wouldn't like people calling her at the hospital, where she works, to cause trouble.

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  • Je
      Mar 08, 2016

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    Mo. 09887525950

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