Gladstone Toyotatoyota sr5, 2016

Hi, My name is Monica Ferguson and I bought a certified vehicle at Gladstone Toyota, 19375 Se McLoughlin Bvd, Gladstone OR 97027 on 8/31/2016. The vehicle was certified by the dealer. price 29, 927.45 with 100, 000 warranty included. The car had 30K miles. I put down $2000 dollars and after spending close to 7 hrs in the dealer, finally got the vehicle home.
I am very dissatisfied and here is why.
On 9/3/2017 I got a call from Toyota to re-sign the documents. Upon examining the documents I realized that a policy for extended warranty was added, without talking to me or agreeing to pay (already came with 100, 000 warranty, why would I pay $3300 for a warranty I already have. I was not satisfied because Toyota ran my credit I think about 15 times. I was able to find a loan through West lake financial, and 27% interested, my payment was$ 810 and was promised that Toyota will take care of me and in 1 yrs time they will call me and try to reduce or refinance the car.
I returned to dealer on 9/4/2017 and redid a bunch of documents, which they were wrong, then redone again. Since the payment date was 9/7/17 I made a ck payment to Toyota, to make sure that I would not be late. Check was about $810, which I do not see it in my statement from Westlake Financial. noticed then the extra warranty and when Inquired, it was to close to the closing of the store and the lady told me to return. I soon started to have an issue with the car, my car was pulling to the right or left as soon as I remove one hand off the wheel. I brought the car in and they did an alignment, they reassured me that everything was fine. I was pulled over by the police several times because the car is going all over the place. Sometime in September, I wanted to trade the car in because I do not feel safe, I have small children, use the car for business. The sales person Jason Foulk, no longer with the company ((he sold it to me initially), arranged with his manager, pulled my credit, I picked a new car, I was told I can use the extra warranty or so, I brought the car for an inspection and I mentioned that I can use the warranty for payment to trade in, Toyota was exchanging my car through and trough.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Gladstone, OR Jason was sick that day, so the sales manager was in charge, he had to pull my credit again, I spent another 6 hours, then they start haggling on the price and to top that off, he tells me I have no extended warranty, even though I paid for it..This is very strange, $3300 for warranty a check for $810 dollars nowhere to be found. Spending so many more hours, then the manager tried to offer me a low ball trade in. I was also mad and quite disappointed when I asked about Jason and his manager said, that Jason is "crazy in the head, "co-co" to be speaking so discriminatory about someone on the account of their disabling condition. Needless to say, after 5 hours I ledt disappointed again. I made an appoitment to have the car looked atand a manger Gabboud, was nice and he was trying to help me out. This time the tracking light was on, and still, the allignment was off, The car got fixed, but the service did not, it was due. The manager wanted to help me trade the car but wanted to pull my credit. I did not agree since I was in 2 months ago and suffered a big credit score drop. He called me close to Christhmas last year and asked me if I wanted to trade the car or pull my credit. I told him I wanted to trade the car but did not agree to have my credit pulled. My credit got pulled anyway by Toyota, 2 days before Christhmas, when I specifically told him no! The car alignment is still off, and the car is not safe for me to drive. I believe that either the car was in an accident or something or a bad lemon. I am writing to you as I seem to not make any headway with anyone at the Toyota dealer. I want to find out what happened to my warranty and my first payment. I would like my money back and or get a brand new car! If I don't get a response from you, I will make a complaint to the consumer FTC and report your dealer for deceiving practices and for selling me a bad car. I would like to hear from someone as soon as possible.
I had the car fixed on 3/17/17, then 5/22/17 and last year 10/30/2016; On Oct 8th, spoke w/Scott McPhearson sales manager, everything was supposed to be ready to trade for a toyota Landcruiser, brand new, had my application and credit check done ahead of time. It was a horrible experience, was ambushed by 3 managers and the deal fell through after 5 hrs.
Car: Toyota Sr5, 2016,
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    I also found out that the car was hit or in an accident on the left rear ... took pictures, the truck was not stable on the road, and even after 2 alignments done, fixing tracking ( lights came one), the Toyota 5SR still not stable. Went back to the dealer and they laugh on to my face. This is plain fraud for Toyota, a respectful dealership to take advantage of a woman, a minority, mother with 3 kids with disability that they care so little about the safety of my family, they cover up that the car was hit and never really took responsibility for the lemon cat they sold to me, with high interest, even the promise that I’m 1 Year Toyota will help refinance with a lower interest. That did not happen either.

    toyota sr5, 2016
    toyota sr5, 2016
    toyota sr5, 2016
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