Glades County Clerk Of Court Child Support / Child Support Court Order

1 500 Avenue J SW #102, Moore Haven, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 863-946-6010

I have been asking for a court date since January 2009,
For my Child Support. The father has not obeyed the Court Order and $7000.00 behind in child support and daycare expense. Now our Son has a dental bill with braces and i need help. Glades County Clerk of Courts keep closing my case, never give me a court date. I have sent to the Attorney Generals Office, Child Support in Tallahassee and Nothing has come of it. I will keep opening my case but all Glades County does is close it. Glades County is a small town were everyone is friends or kin in some way. I need help to over come Glades County. Please HELP


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