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I booked four adult tours online for the Snowmobile Adventure for a cost of $960USD. I didn't receive their response until a day before the requested tour and their invoice mistook the day for that same day. My family was not yet in the area of the tour and could not get there in the time left. I contacted them to alert them of the mistake/miscommunication and was told there was no correction allowed and I would lose my entire payment. I looked at the page and their statement said:
Valid for: Snowmobile adventure on Vatnajökull glacier
Fee of 0.0% if cancelled 1 day(s) before event or less
Fee of 90.0% if cancelled 365 day(s) before event or less

This is badly stated but still does not say they are going to rob me of the entire $960USD as they have done. They were rude and not willing to help figure out a positive outcome. Most travel companies I have worked with take a 10 or 15 percent fee----and while I feel I did nothing wrong, I would certainly prefer that to a 100% fee. I feel at the very least I am due $816USD back.

And to save other travelers from this anxiety, I would ask that they clarify their website to correctly state their refund policy and speed up communication so a client could tell when there was a problem early enough to find a solution.

Jun 19, 2017

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