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I purchased a battery for a palm pilot that turned out not to fit (surprise, surprise - based on others' comments). I returned it but only received partial credit - I was hit with a restocking fee and had to pay for shipping.

I ordered 2 gel mouse pads with the remaining amount. They were on backorder. I told them that I would wait for them to come in. That was January. They quit carrying the gel mousepads and never informed me. I wrote them a strongly worded email in Sept. because I hadn't heard from them. It actually did get their attention. Their response? They sent me 2 email links for my store credit - which turned out to be backdoor admin links to their website! This company doesn't know their butt from a hole in the ground! Finally, after several more emails, they rudely emailed me saying that I would not get a refund, period.

After posting a complaint on epinions, they tried to contact me to work it out. I told epinions that Gizmos could not contact me because they had 5 chances already to make things right.

I will never do business with this company again. Not because of the screwup - that happens - but because of the poor customer service. The responses I get from them are not apologies, but quick three or four word responses. I believe they are a fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants company; they cannot speak English and can barely write it, which is why they will not communicate with their customers.

Many bloggers claim that Gizmo's employees are writing their own reviews!

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  •   Jan 08, 2007
    Gizmos2Go - Do not care about serving their customer or that their product is unusable
    United States

    I purchased a PALM LifeDrive PDA from Gizmos2go on December 06 as a Chistmas gift. As it wasn't opened until Christmas, we had NO idea that the cord supplied with the unit was not the Hot Synch cord, thus making it impossible to set up the device.

    I have sent several emails to Gizmos2go asking for the right cord, and have been totally ignored. I called the number for Gizmos2go that was on the charge slip and that voice mail box is full and incapable of taking any more messages. Obviously, they have their money and could care less about serving their customer or that their product is unusable.

    I have sent another email today and don't expect any response from that either.

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  • Gn
      Jun 13, 2007
    Gizmos2Go - Looks like they are scam!

    It was a terrible experience. I had to place my order for Sony Clie 3 (three!) times, because each time they responded that "the products was out of stock" AFTER the order was placed and the confirmation emails received.
    Eventually they emailed me that the product was not in stock (which became normal for me to receive such emails), but there was a ray of hope there - they said that they have a similar product but $30 dearer. I agreed to pay that extra $30, and they asked me to send them fax copies of my credit card and personal ID, which i did 15 minutes after i received that email.

    They confirmed that the fax was received and the PDA would be shipped shortly, and i never heard back from them since then. After some emails, i finally started to worry that i was scammed to by them and this whole "business" was just to get my CC details. I emailed them with my concern, and they responded back to me saying that my order will be canceled.

    Beware buyers! Do not trust the "shop" that doesn't publish any contact information except an email!

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  • Do
      Aug 01, 2007
    Gizmos2Go - Overcharged
    United States

    Purchased an item with my debt card that I have had for years from this Torrance, CA company at 11:00 AM on July 30. By the 31st at 6:00 PM I stated getting hit with several debt charges from Mexico!!

    Had to cancel the card... Not Happy w this company and their lack of controls.

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  • Da
      Oct 22, 2007
    Gizmos2Go - horrible service
    United States

    i will never do service with this company again. if you see this be warned. they may or may not be a scam but anyone that doesn't supply a phone or even online chat has got to be suspect. my only recourse is to reak havoc in every way i can and hope they try to sue me. i mistakenly ordered a windows pda and only found out they will only give store credit. when i ordered the palm tx i could not get them to ship it or give me a ship date. if you have had trouble with this company please write to everyone possible to get them and people like them out of business. other than the discounted palm products the rest of their merchandise is crap. i had to buy another palm because they don't even sell memory cards that were made this century.

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  • Al
      Dec 20, 2007
    Gizmos2Go - PDA
    United States

    I bought a PDA (it supposed to be new in BULK) It came but was not new and had a defect on its screen. I had to send it back and pay for shipping. since I could not get my money back I used the store credit and order a another one (New in retail box) it came but box does not look like new. I have not used it so I don't know about PDA yet but it does not look like NEW. Nobody can be reached by phone and I sent many e-mails but no responses.

    So if you think you can save money by buying from this company THINK TWICE.

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  • Ja
      Jan 08, 2009
    Gizmos2Go - Do not buy from them
    United States

    This company stinks. Ordered a battery that their site said was compatible with my Toshiba Satellite. Received the battery and the size and specs did not match those of my original. The label in the so-called compatible replacement cited 3 batteries it did replace... none of which were mine. Upon asking the simple question of the "battery experts"... would this battery work in my laptop? I was told, "try it in your computer and if it does not work, you can return it". By the way refunds come in 2-4 weeks and shipping charges are not refunded. They do not answer their "contact us" phone, voice mail only. What a bunch of crap. Do not buy from this company.

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  • Ia
      Jan 09, 2009

    I agree. I bought a palm treo 6 and the thing only works when it wants to. There is a ninety day warranty on used items, but of course as soon as my 90 day warranty was over the thing stopped working. It is better to just pay for an item through the actual retailer that sells the item, that way you can return it when it breaks.

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  • Pe
      Mar 16, 2009
    Gizmos2Go - fraud
    hcr 1 box 5166
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Purchased a Palm order G39791 on 3/18/2007. returned defective item on June 2008. they said refund was sent. emailed in sept and they said they were replaceing item. but I already purchased new Palm from another source. there answer was they sent a replacement in Sept 08 but was lost by UPS. in Nov 2008, they put a claim with UPSand were waiting for answer. (VGN-650193) the phone numbers are bogus, the web site is bogus for complaints. and now is March 2009 and still no answer. I am amazed that this goes on this long. can't any organization be contacted legaly to help...???I am outraged by there handling and they obviously don't care. where do I go to bring legal action for the return of my $185 plus.

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  • Gi
      Oct 10, 2009
    Gizmos2Go - Overcharged
    United States

    Stay far away for or! Both sites are selling OEM PDA's which are actually used! You do get a new white box though.

    My original purchase was through PDApreferred for an OEM Palm M105. What arrived (shipped from Gizmos2Go in California) was a well used Palm m100. I had to pay shipping costs to return the Palm M100 because as they explain on their site "Best Buy doesn't come to your house to pick up a produce you want to return...".

    I was hoping for the best and jumped through all the hoops to exchange the incorrect PDA after paying $8.00 for shipping.

    As it turns out, the next PDA was the correct model but it was defective (well used again). At this point I was done paying for return shipping and got a store credit. THEY DO NOT offer ANY refunds!! I'll find something on their site that they cannot mess up.

    Do not get sucked into buying from these guys - you will be sorry.

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