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It started with a call from GISOL stating they were upgrading the server my site was on. They wanted to move my site to another server and they wanted me to sign up for another three years at a substantial increase in price, and pay in advance.

When I told I needed to think about it they said they needed to shut down that server so I needed to do it immediately. I said no so they shut down my site, despite the fact I was paid up. I told they they could go ahead and move my site, but I needed to think about the extension of service.

Our relationship went downhill from there. I can send a complete detail with all the emails, but after I decided I wanted to think about extending the service and they shut down my site, I transfered my domain to another, so they shut down all of my domains.


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  • Al
      5th of May, 2007
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    Same story! Called saying I would have to upgrade. I didn't recieve the email either. Gisol accepted my one year renewal in February ( this was after I was supposed to have recieved the email) and then when I renewed my domain name for 10 years they called telling me my site was being terminated unless I upgraded. I see complaints about Gisol all over the internet. I've used them for seven years, they haven't been perfect but for the most part met my needs, until now. What a rip off! Don't use this company ever!

  • St
      24th of May, 2007
    0 Votes - I got the exact same call today. They basically said the server is going down today and I've got about 10 minutes to pony up 700 bucks.

    Is there a regulating agency we can contact?

  • Mi
      7th of Oct, 2007
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    Been a customer for 2 years. I received the same call after I helped my client to sing in for an account. To make a long story short, I refused to pay (30 mins arguing), they suspended the service, then PARTIALLY reactivated and charged my credit card anyway. So they got the money and I had a worst service. I didn't even logged in in the new account as I purchased another hosing and transfer my existing client's domain to this new one, instead of to gisol's.

    Now I've called my bank to cancel that charge.

  • Re
      10th of Mar, 2008
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    In Dec 2006, I signed up for a 36 month hosting package for around $200 with “free” domain name with “free whois privacy”.
    In Dec 2007, I received an email from Gisol saying my card had expired and my domain needed renewing. I tried updating the expiry date, and adding a new card, but it still said expired. I emailed them, so they sent me a link to a page on to pay for the renewal. All looked OK as after inputting my details it went to a page saying thanks for your payment. I realised that I didn’t get a confirmation email for the transaction, so emailed them. I didn’t receive a reply.
    In mid Jan 2008 my website disappeared. I emailed them to ask why. At 0130am UK time I received a call from “Aaron”, saying that my domain had gone into redemption and my account had been shutdown. After a lot of obviously frustrated talk, I agreed to opening a new account which would cost me $42 for 3 years. HE confirmed several times that $42 in total would be all my card would be charged. He also said afterwards that I would receive a refund of $87 for the original contract.
    He directed me to a page where I could sign the new contract. This is very difficult using a mouse or a touchpad. Anyway after about 4 attempts, which he said was because Visa wasn’t accepting it, he said it was ok, then put the phone down!
    I got an email immediately saying thank you for my payment of $718.20!
    I rang my bank immediately after the phone call. They were very sympathetic, but said they couldn’t treat it as a fraud case as I had done business with them in the past and supplied my card details to them. A dispute was filed with Visa International. What Gisol replied with to them and my bank is total and utter FRAUD! I also, like another person above, have proof to prove that it is fraud. I thought that they were pretty watertight, the way they have everything covered, with contracts and verbal agreements etc, but I believe they are getting a bit desperate about the amount of chargebacks they are getting and haven’t really thought through what they are doing this time. It’s NOW going through the Fraud Dept of my bank and Visa International. I hope the evidence is stacking up and they get sent down very soon. It can only be a matter of time.
    I did the usual like emailing, ringing, trouble tickets etc but of course no help/reply. My domain didn’t come out of redemption as they said they would, and of course it was owned by them, not me. I’ve managed to get it back now which is a relief, as I have paying clients advertising on there. I temporarily ran my version, but it wasn’t ideal as search engines listed my .com version. It’s been down for about 6 weeks while the redemption/deleting process went through. I managed to get to get it back for me the instant it became available.
    I can only urge everyone affected to dispute/chargeback the charges, report them to as many agencies (LA Attorney, California Attorney, FBI IC3, Federal Trade Commission, BBB, local police, press, TV etc etc etc) as you can.
    Don’t be scared. Let’s do it and get them sent down!!!

    I have now received the full charges back from my bank and they are passing the fraud details on to the police.

  • St
      12th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes - bait-and-switch fraud
    Global Internet Solutions
    7336 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 815
    Los Angeles
    United States
    Phone: (866) 244-7925

    You purchase a free ecommerce package with a free shopping cart for $142 for two years, then they pull a bait-and-switch and charge 1080.00 if you intend to use the free ecommerce package and shopping cart for ecommerce and shopping. They lie to your credit card company that you agreed to the “upgrade.” Everyone scammed by these crooks should write the CA Attorney General, LA Consumer Complaints, and the FTC. If they get enough complaints they will move. Most important, write your Congressman asking for a congressional investigation into VISA for continuing to profit from a company that violates the law and their own merchant policies, with a copy to your CC company's customer service dept.

  • Er
      15th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes - Fraudulent Service/Theives
    2909 E. 93rd St.
    United States
    Phone: 918-925-9937

    I originally purchased a plan for 30 months at a cost of $120.00. Nov 19, 2007.. I told a few people interested in my art work to take a look at my website this month June 2008, and I myself went to open the site to see about updating the paintings. I found that my site was not online, so I called GISOL, and was told that my site was down because my Domain was in Redemption, and I could no longer use my .COM, they would have to change my site name to .NET, cancel my previosu contract and set up a new contract under the .NET account. They said that this was good as my new annual payments would be only $45.98 per year as opposed to my previous contract, . Do I agree with this price and the change of my site from .COM to .NET. Of course I reiterated the details I heard, change from .COM to .NET and a annual fee of $45.98 cheaper than what I had paid previously. The sales person said yes he will send me to a contract page and I as to simply scroll down and sign the contract electrinically, which I proceeded to do. After which he told me that the change of my website from .COM to .NET would take about 24 hours to transfer files and to send me an email with all of the new access codes for updating and changing my site. I expected to see sometime in the near future a debit on my credit card for $45.98 or there abouts, but the next morning, I opened my bank account and found that my Credit Card account was billed for $1798.20 and since this was also my checking account, (It's a debit card), and I only had $1345.00 in the account originally, the debit from GISOL left me $453.20 in the negative, something I had neve expected to see! I immediately called GISOL and asked what was going on, explaining the above information, all of a sudden this person whom I don't know said listen you signed the agreement or contract you agreed to pay $49.95 for 30 months, we have your signature (electronic) on the contract, when in fact, this was not discussed with me at all. I asked him if I could cancel the whole thing, and he said no, you signed a contract, and then I asked to speak with his supervisor, and I waited about 15 seconds for someone else to get on the phone and start telling me that I signed the contract it's mine, nothing they can do about it, and I explained my financial situation to this so-called supervisor with a closed ear. All he kept yelling at me was to shup up and listen, he said "You signed the contract, you can't change it or cancel it, it's a contract. He then said this is because you let your domain name expire and didn't pay the $9.99 to reenew it, so it's in REDEMPTION and that is what you are paying for, but they changed my Domain to .NET why am I paying for my old Domain, and when that is paid, you wil only have to pay $45.98 per month. I said it's not right, I didn't sign up for that kind of deal at that expense, I need my money to eat, pay rent, car payment and gas, and I'm on a fixed budget, I'm retired, which he startted in once again telling me that I signed the contract and it's valid.. Nothing can be done to change it. I asked him, this so-calle supervisor who is above him, and he told me I'd have to contact and state my case, but it won't change anything, I then asked why I can't just call the this adm, office and he told me you write the email, and tell them your complaint, and give them your telephone number and someone will contact you by phone. I did that the same day, and today is the 15th June no one has responded to date. I feel that I have been scammed, mislead purposely for my money, and I want my account closed and the return of my $1798.20 cents. I cna find another honest company to do my personal business with.

  • Re
      2nd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes - FRAUD
    7336 Santa Monica Blvd Suite #30
    Los Angeles
    United States
    Phone: They don't answer!

    Gisol fraud is still ripping people off on a daily basis for thousands of dollars.

    They are due to be exposed on FOX TV on Monday Nov 3rd 2008.

    Please see the post on my website There is a link to the live video. After it has been shown, I will post a link to the permanent video.

    Many thanks,


  • Pe
      10th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    As one of the many who have been scammed by this company, and have received no relief, I would like to view this video. Have you put a link out, yet? I only saw this post today--too late to watch at the mentioned time. Thanks.

  • Pe
      10th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    This exact scenario happened to me in February of this year.

  • Re
      10th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Yes it's all over the web. Google "Gisol on FOX News" or check out my site "Report Gisol".

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