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Gina Foster / Sick Dog Sold By Thunder Hollow Kennels

1 TN, United States Review updated:

My husband and I purchased an Olde English Bulldog from Amy Herman back in 2005 or so and I have been waiting to find a site such as this to let everyone know NOT to buy a dog from this woman. Amy collected my payment in full in advance and then my husband and I drove from Ohio to Kentucky to meet Amy and pick up what we thought was going to be our family pet for a very long time. We brought Louie home the Friday before Memorial Day and he seemed fine, a little tired, but he was only 6 weeks old when we picked him up. By Sunday, he was very tired - Monday morning he started vomitting non-stop so we rushed him to the vet to find out that he was loaded with worms and had parvo. Amy continued to tell us that the puppy was taken to the vet and that it was in good health and our vet didn't know what they were doing or talking about, etc. She wanted me to ship the dog back to her - COME ON - the puppy was on his last legs and my vet would not release the puppy to me - obviously it had PARVO. To make a long and very sad story short - Louie died on Friday - yes that is correct one week from the day we picked this poor puppy died. He spent his last week in an isolated crate. This was a devastating experience for our three little children and to this day they still talk about why a person would sell us a sick dog. I incurred over $700 of vet bills and cremation charges which Amy agreed to pay - needless to say she never paid the bill because she said she couldn't prove the puppy died and said that my vet could be lying - she wanted the corpse sent to her and when that didn't happen she ignored all contact that either myself for my vet's office made to her. We had to bleach our driveway, sidewalk and any areas the puppy went to the bathroom and so do did our neighbors so their pets wouldn't contract parvo. PLEASE DO NOT BUY A DOG FROM AMY HERMAN/THUNDERHOLLOW KENNELS - her puppies are cute, but they are not healthy.

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  • An
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    Hello: I also got a dog with demodex. Please also post your complaint on the Squeaky Wheel. It costs $5.00 and it will show up along side mine. This lady is a scam. I still have my Baby, but she has relapses and skin issues constantly.

  • Hu
      18th of Feb, 2009
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    I'm sorry for your loss. First of all, the breeder shouldn't have sold a puppy any earlier than 8 weeks of age. 6 weeks makes for all sorts of problems later on, especially with bully breeds. The puppy should have had a vet check right away, as many reputable breeders include this info in their warranty. If it's not strictly obeyed, the contract may be voided. You should always have a signed contact and a paper trail. Always. Word of mouth doesn't hold up in court very well, whereas paperwork is gold. Do your breeder research very carefully in the future. I hope that things work out for you.

  • Lo
      17th of May, 2009
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    I bought a male bulldog form Amy Herman back in December and here it is May and still have not recieved his papers... Very upset because I need to get rid of him because of my son's allergies and sent an email to Amy telling her that and made several attemts to call, and she has totally avoided me, and I can't sell him for what I paid with out papers... be careful, she is a scam...

  • Tn
      28th of May, 2009
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    I understand your complaints all to well. I purchased my dog from Amy Herman/Thunderhollow Kennals in Feb 2006, My first issue with Amy happened when i went to pick her up Amy told me the papers had not not been filed yet, which i believed. Needless to say months passed I never recieved my papers. I may of that year my bulldog pulled her leg muscle or so i thought. I took her to My vet who is a well known graduate of The University of Tennessee Vet School one of the best in the nation. All he did was shoot an xray. He then told me this was the worst case of Dysplasia that he had ever seen and that she would need surgery eventually. Infurated I contacted Amy (I should say i tried to contact her but she never answered her phone or email. I had to call on a number that she didnt know to get a hold of her.) I told her about the health issues and she told me that she would not believe my vet only hers. Well I found her vet and took him the xrays and told him to give me a second opinion, not telling him where i got the dog. His respone "WHY HAVENT YOU PUT THIS DOG DOWN YET!" I then explained where the dog came from and why i was coming there. He said he would be sure to contact them and let them know what he found. After that any time i tried to get a hold of Amy she either gave me the run around if i was successful or she ingnored my attepts. Looking back now as i was looking around her farm at the dogs and where she kept them it looked like nothing more than a puppy mill, and the little shed/shack building that held a majority of the dogs was unventilated and extremly unkempt. It looked like borderline abuse.

  • De
      29th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am so sorry for all of your horrible experiences but thank you very much for sharing your stories. I was steps away from purchasing a puppy from her.

  • Tn
      18th of Oct, 2011
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    This is the most HORRIBLE woman you could ever come across!!! I got a dog from her last Wednesday, and had to put the poor guy to sleep this morning. My fiance and I are devastated. She took our money, and lied about all of his health problems. This woman is a monster. If ANY of you happen to have her address, please get it to me. I am on a mission to make sure she is exposed, and never sells another dog again. These dogs need to be rescued, and either cared for, or humanely euthanized. The little guy we rescued was EXTREMELY ill. What a monster!!!

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