Gillece Services PlumbingUnethical behavior

I contacted Gillece due to a clogged sewage line. Their representative came to my property used a camera in the line and told my wife and I that a traditional snake would not work and that they had to use a Hyrdojet which would clear the line unless the line was collapsed or broken and in that case we were looking at a major repair in the 10-20 thousand dollar range. The hydrojet was ordered at a price of 1900.00. The hydrojet came and attempted to clear the line to no avail. The next day a representative came back to the house, ran a camera and informed us that the sewer line was broken and we would have to dig and replace the line. This at 2-4 thousand dollars a day. Upon hearing this I called another plumbing company. They came to the house, used a traditional snake and the line was cleared in 1 hour for the cost of $165.00. The company (I am happy to provide the name) guaranteed the work for 2 months, assured us that the sewer line is not broken, it was just clogged. The new company also said that the hydrojet was the wrong application for our type of pipes. Upon doing some research online (home advisor) the cost nationally for hydrojetting is 300.00 with a highend of 600.00. I believe we were mislead throughout this entire process. First we were told that a traditional snake would not work. It did. We were told that the hydrojet would work, it did not. We were then told we needed a new sewer line. We do not. I also feel we were outrageously charged for the hydrojetting and it did not work. I didn't tell Gillece that we had gotten the line cleared and their reps were calling me day after day to start on our 20, 000 dollar repair. Shame on them.

Jan 19, 2017

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