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All beware of the music company

I have a website dedicated to help musicians and to offer certain good deals and links to music gear and equipment.

In june of 2009 sold over $14, 000.00 in goods thru my website affiliate links and have not paid! They have also removed the sales from my account online. This is blatant. Luckily I printed and saved the total commission page on my affiliate log in before they had a chance to erase it.

I knew something wasn't right with them when I emailed them to say how happy I was that we were making sales thru the site and hoped to continue a long standing business relationship. They ttok a while to email back and when they did is when the lying began. They gave me some story about how one of their "in-house affiliates" had been on my site and accidently transfered his sales to my affiliate site. When I asked what he was doing in my website to begin with they cut off communication and have not responded to anymore of my emails. Before they erased the commission sales in my account they owed me over $600.00 for the $14, 000.00 in sales and as I stated previously they have since erased it. Luckily I saved and printed it all as I said.

I'm not sure where to go with this right now but I do want people, musicians, businesses and such to steer clear from this company.

Beware! Beware!!

Their moral ethics are not in the right place. If they treat a partner in this manor do you really think they will care about you as a customer? Think about it!

Anybody who has had any other occurences or problems as such with Gigasonic please email me with your concerns and maybe we can get something done about them.


Dan Waggoner

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