Gigaset communications GmbH/Gigaset C360 / Failure Of Charger in 6 months, 6days only

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I am a retirted employee of SIEMENS and they were famous for quality products. Recently i purchased a Gigaset C 360 from retailer "Capital Electronics" VIP Kolkata, India, Invoice nos- AUD/13187/10 on 4/1/11. They act as a post office only. Set was imported by" Active Telecom Pvt Ltd", 25A park street, kolkata- 700016, India.The product sold in the market as SIEMENS. The made in China charger failed after just 6 months. The retailer and the importer took 10 days time to find out that the charger has failed. It could have been detected within 5 min by using a good charger. I had to pay 25% of the whole set price for the charger. We have been using for last 10 yrs different chargers such as Nokia, samsung, etc. But non failed before 2/3 yrs. Electronic goods may fail in the begining itself, but if it works it normally works for a long time. I give credit to the company who designed the chargers to fail immediatly after expiry of guarantee period. I am afraid the replacement may behave the same way.
Your service and quality needs lot of improvement, u are blindly exporting without any check on the importer and the quality of charger purchased by u. Ultimately SIEMENS is earning a bad name. No wonder Siemens had to go out of mobile phone business. There is no responsible persons name for complaint in uor website.Hence i try this general one hoping it will reach the person concerned. One thing is clear i will not purchase the SIEMENS set any more in future.
With Regards
Mrinal Chakravorty ([protected]

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